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Bright colors convey humor and happiness. Pop style deduces a new round of fashion themes and brings people a refreshing home life. Bright and colorful + interesting. In this gorgeous season, pop home style is popular

Mingyan + interesting home pop style is the abbreviation of popular, which means pop art and popular art. Consumer culture provides visual resources such as advertisements, trademarks, film and television images, cover girls, singers and movie stars, fast food, cartoons and comics, and these images are directly put on the screen to form a unique artistic style — Pop art. It became popular in the 1950s, represented by Andy hall. One sentence can be summed up: pattern is pop. Of course, pop style is not limited to fashion, as long as it is related to design, pop style is no exception. From the design point of view, pop style is not a simple and consistent style, but a mixture of various styles. He pursues popular and popular interest, opposes the pretentious loftiness of modernism, emphasizes novelty and uniqueness in the design, and boldly adopts gaudy colors

bright and colorful + interesting home. When the pop style is carried out, the wallpaper with flower pattern is bold and warm, and only one wall is selected for laying, avoiding too many colors to make the room appear noisy. A simple mirror on the plain white wall reflects the details of the room and raises the depth of the space. The pop style full of artistic flavor, even if people stay at home for a long time, they will never feel lonely and irritable

Mingyan + interesting home pop style. When the Mingyan splicing fabric is carried out, the personality is full. The pure white cotton bedding softens the exaggerated colors. Dots, abstract patterns and strong colors balance the complex and simple temperament in the large area of white space

bright and colorful + interesting home pop style when it is carried out, gorgeous colors, imaginative interesting patterns, and various color blocks with clear layers on the wall make the quiet life more happy and casual

bright and colorful + interesting home. When the pop style is carried out, the open space and strong colors set off a happy atmosphere, and the monochrome and stitched pattern wallpaper bring a bright and warm visual experience. With the white dining table with simple shape, the color is more vivid, and the mood is also refreshing. Various humorous patterns scattered on the table reflect the essence of pop style and bring many interesting interactive complexes to the meal

when the pop style of Mingyan + interesting home is carried out, when the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue strongly attract your vision, and you also perceive your inner surprise and joy, such an exaggerated and avant-garde art form is arguably overturning your traditional conception of home design. All kinds of strange shapes, strange textures and extremely special pattern designs not only brighten everyone's eyes, but also cure “ Aesthetic fatigue &rdquo





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