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If you like surfing the Internet, at least 2 Internet ports and more than 2 sockets are reserved on each wall of each room. Wireless routing can indeed solve the problem, but it is said that sometimes it is still unstable The location of various sockets in the room is different from the size of furniture bought later, which wastes a lot of sockets


if you can buy it in a mall, don't ask a carpenter to do it!!!!! Unless the carpentry is quite good

the color of the floor should be slightly light, so it is not easy to see gray. The kitchen and bathroom floor tiles should be slightly dark, so it is not easy to find hair everywhere, so it is the most resistant to dirt

I forgot to install a switch at the head of the bed. I have to get out of bed and turn off the light every time. It's very sad in winter

families planning to have children in the future must calculate the size and reserve a place next to the bed for the crib





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