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In May, 2019, meizhixuan doors and windows once again "dominate the screen" Guangzhou south railway station, and a new round of high-speed railway brand advertising of South railway station starts again

in May, 2019, meizhixuan doors and windows once again "dominate the screen" Guangzhou south railway station, and a new round of South Railway Station high-speed brand advertising starts again! Following the anti-aircraft advertisements that swept all major provinces across the country at the beginning of this year, meizhixuan doors and windows once again made a bold move to increase the advertising of Guangzhou south railway station once again! Through the multi-channel brand promotion strategy, we can effectively improve the brand popularity and influence of meizhixuan doors and windows, help the brand development, and promote the brand to speed up the "fast lane" of vigorous development

large brand advertisements of meizhixuan doors and windows swept through the major advertising positions of Guangzhou south railway station, covering the most crowded areas in the station. Accurately locate the target population of high-speed rail, take advantage of the fast and convenient high-speed rail and large traffic, carry out brand promotion activities, and effectively improve the popularity of the brand. The high-speed railway station with an average daily flow of more than 100000 people swipes the screen, which has greatly improved the brand influence of meizhixuan doors and windows, and highlights the strong strength of meizhixuan as a leader in doors and windows

meizhixuan doors and windows Guangzhou south station advertising display (part)

located in Guangzhou south station, Panyu District, Guangzhou, it is an important hub connecting Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway, Guiyang Guangzhou high speed railway, Nanning Guangzhou high speed railway, Guangzhou Zhuhai intercity railway and Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high speed railway. Its number of stops (including departure, arrival and crossing) has surpassed Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Beijing south station, ranking first in the country. Now through high-speed rail, urban rail, subway bus connections, Guangzhou south railway station can connect all cities in the Pearl River Delta

Guangzhou South Railway Station vision

in recent years, as high-speed rail has become one of the most important channels for business people to travel, high-speed rail advertising has become an important channel for front-line brand publicity. Since 2017, Guangzhou south railway station has sent more than 100million passengers, with a daily average of 270000, and reached more than 134million passengers, with a daily average of 360000. The number of passengers sent and arrived ranks first among major stations in China. Put advertisements in Guangzhou south railway station with dense traffic, so that meizhixuan door and window brand can have zero distance contact with consumers and get golden exposure

there is a kind of speed called China speed

the huge ticket office, the eye-catching light box billboard, the eye-catching eye-catching yellow, and the popular advertising language form an irresistible force in space, give consumers a strong visual impact, and deeply imprint the brand in the minds of consumers

brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

the intensive bombing of high-speed and high-speed railway advertisements further reflects the firm determination of meizhixuan doors and windows to strengthen the brand and the confidence to win the war terminal. Moreover, meizhixuan doors and windows will use various channels to promote the brand to every city in the country, so that more consumers can know meizhixuan and choose meizhixuan doors and windows

through the huge resources carried by the high-speed rail platform, the strong brand communication effect, and the large-scale coverage and transmission, this major publicity strategy not only reflects the strong strength of meizhixuan and further promotes the brand construction to enter the golden track of high-speed development, but also signals that meizhixuan doors and windows will launch another attack on the national market by using the communication platform with high coverage and high audience




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