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Curtains are too thick

many people design curtains too thick, luxurious and complex when decorating, not to mention increasing the cost, which is also an invasion of visual space. In addition, from a health perspective, heavy curtains are not only inconvenient to clean, but also easy to become a source of pollution at home

suggestion: use shutter, which is small and easy to clean, and the design without curtain box and curtain frame will not cause depression to the room

hanging cabinets and hangers climb all over the wall

many people like to install clothes hooks and hangers in the lobby, behind the door or in the bathroom, and install hanging cabinets in the corners. They think that hanging and hanging sundries in this way will not take up space. In fact, doing so is a great occupation and destruction of visual space. More importantly, the hanging cabinet will make the process of taking things inconvenient. After a long time, such a cabinet will become a dead corner of hiding dirt

suggestion: on the premise of not affecting the visual space, set up a special cloakroom, storage room or storage cabinet at the corner of the house

furniture occupies the whole home

some people like to place furniture in every corner of the home. In this way, the home, which is not small in size, gives people a feeling of depression and cramped. In addition, many people will install a large wardrobe with a large area and high to the ceiling in the bedroom, which will not only greatly reduce the beauty of the visual space, but more importantly, the confined space will cause a sense of oppression to people's psychology

suggestion: at least one corner should be left in each room to let the walls breathe well. All cabinets should not reach the top, leaving at least 10 ~ 20 cm

the furniture in the living room should be as low as possible

the living room with relatively small design must be concise. It is inappropriate to adopt the method of making many cabinets, because this makes the small space appear more crowded. For example, if you place a TV in the living room, you can change the fixed TV cabinet to a low cabinet with wheels, so that the utilization rate of space will be greatly increased, and it has strong variability. In the small living room, if you use decorations, flowers and plants, you should strive to be simple, as long as it has an embellishment effect, and try not to put big potted plants such as iron trees. If the living room is very small, but you want to make it look spacious visual effect, you can design the ceiling without ceiling, pay attention to the methods of transparent porch, and set the TV cabinet against the wall. Doing so can take up as little space as possible, and the furniture is only placed with a set of sofas of 3 + 1 + 1

when designing a large living room, we must pay attention to reasonable segmentation. Woodwork (i.e. all kinds of shelves and cabinets made of wood) is an ideal choice. If the living room is rectangular, using wood to extend the short wall is more conducive to expanding the visual impression of the space scale

when decorating, it is the decoration concept pursued by modern people to use the effective space of the living room to create their own leisure and entertainment world. When decorating, the change and extension of lines are used to integrate the living room and balcony, so that overlooking from the balcony becomes an extension of the leisure function of the living room. Use the raised floor to draw a leisure area. Low windowsills, Japanese seats, long rows of low cabinets and simple wall decorations all match the atmosphere of the leisure area





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