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The Supreme Law: when one husband and wife cheated, the other could claim spiritual compensation. The Beijing Times yesterday, the Supreme People's court reported 30 typical cases involving "family matters". Among them, when the husband and wife divorced, one party cheated, and the other party applied for spiritual damage compensation, which was supported by the court

at the briefing, The relevant person in charge of the Supreme Court of justice replaced the appropriate pendulum (the maximum striking energy of the large pendulum is 300j. According to incomplete statistics, from 2013 to the end of October 2015, nearly 4million marriage and family dispute cases were concluded by courts across the country, which gradually showed the characteristics of rapid increase in cases, difficult application of law and difficult trial.

assuming that the oil pipe was broken, according to statistics, in the marriage and family dispute cases concluded by courts across the country in recent three years, the number of cases in Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces was Mostly

among the 30 cases released yesterday, divorce disputes and property disputes caused by divorce, support for the elderly and child support accounted for the majority. Among them, support and upbringing accounted for the highest proportion, more than half

zhuchuntao, President of the first civil division of the Beijing Higher People's court, introduced at the meeting that the family cases tried by the Beijing court mainly have the following characteristics. First, the quantity is large. Family cases are an important part of the trial work of Beijing courts, accounting for about 9% of all cases and 20% of traditional civil cases. In 2014, for example, 38619 family cases of first instance were accepted, of which divorce cases accounted for about half of all civil cases. Second, the opposition is strong. In family cases, the focus of the parties' contention is their children and real estate. The emotional confrontation is fierce and it is difficult to resolve the contradiction. Third, there are many new situations and problems

after the divorce, the ex husband was found to have cheated before the divorce and still received spiritual compensation

a case in Henan showed that the wife did not find that the man had cheated during the divorce, but in the impact experiment, after the divorce, the wife found that the man had cheated during his marriage and sued for spiritual damage compensation, which was supported by the court

the case shows that in 2003, the plaintiff Zhou and the defendant Zhang registered for marriage and gave birth to a daughter and a son. In july2013, Zhang filed a divorce lawsuit against Zhou. The court presided over the mediation for divorce. The main content of the mediation document is that both parties voluntarily divorce. Zhang paid Zhou a lump sum of RMB 38000, and both parties will no longer pursue each other. In may2013, Zhang and a woman outside the case gave birth to a daughter. Zhou claimed that the matter was discovered only after the divorce. Now he is suing Zhang for compensation of 30000 yuan for mental damage

the people's Court of Huaxian County, Henan Province held that, according to the provisions of articles 4 and 46 of the marriage law of the people's Republic of China, if divorce is caused, the party without fault has the right to claim damages; Supreme law The court held that infidelity to marriage is intolerable dishonesty, which not only destroys the relationship between husband and wife, breaks up the family, but also injures innocent children, and destroys the social atmosphere, which is prohibited by law. Therefore, after divorce, the court found that the accused cheated during the duration of the marriage and asked for spiritual damage compensation. The people's court supported it according to law, so as to demonstrate the justice and moral strength of the law

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