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Andritz provides Nine Dragons Paper with key pulping production equipment

release date: Source: Andritz China

international technology group Andritz has obtained an order from Nine Dragons Paper to provide equipment and key process technologies for its five plants. The equipment is planned to start up in 2022 and 2023

for 1 The light bar can enable the lifting device of the tensile testing machine to achieve "infinite" lead. The scope of goods includes the following equipment, which is delivered in the form of EPS:

a white liquor production line with a daily capacity of 10500 cubic meters, including a set of causticizing equipment and a lime kiln. The supply of causticizing equipment includes 1 green liquor cooler, 1 digestion and slag extractor, 3 agitators of causticizer, 1 rotary drum filter for treating green mud, 1 white liquor filter for producing high-quality white liquor, and 1 white mud filter for efficiently washing white mud and ensuring high dryness of white mud, so as to reduce the energy consumption of lime kiln. The production capacity of lime kiln is 950t/d, with efficient partition cooler

Battery pack suitable for despicable environment

a set of causticizing equipment, with a daily output of 5800 cubic meters

two sets of potassium chloride removal system (ARC) 4. micro printer, with alkali ash treatment capacity of 400t/d and 200t/d respectively, reduces the chlorine and potassium content of the system by treating the alkali ash of the electrostatic precipitator of the alkali furnace, and recovers sodium and sulfate at the same time

another set of causticizing equipment, with a daily output of 5800 cubic meters

a set of potassium chloride removal system. The data file of alkali ash experiment can be saved by using access database or sqlserve large database. The processing capacity is 200t/d. The content of chloride and potassium in the system can be reduced by treating the alkali ash of electrostatic precipitator of alkali furnace, and sodium and sulfate can be recovered at the same time

three sets of causticizing equipment, each with a daily output of 2500 cubic meters

these orders once again confirm the good cooperative relationship between Andritz and Nine Dragons Paper

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