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Sany Heavy Industry, which jointly developed "unmanned equipment" with the University of defense technology, rose by 10.03% to 7.24 yuan in early trading today (September 14)

on the news, Sany Heavy Industry, which was temporarily suspended in the afternoon of the 11th, announced that in order to implement the national military civilian integration strategy and help the construction of national samples free from additional force defense, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on joint development of "unmanned equipment" with the school of mechanical and electrical engineering and automation of the National University of Defense Science and technology of the people's Liberation Army (hereinafter referred to as "the University of Defense Science and technology"), The company and the National University of defense technology have reached a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly promoting the development of Military Unmanned equipment

according to the agreement, the two sides will jointly research and develop unmanned equipment, jointly establish an "unmanned equipment Engineering Center" and jointly develop high intelligent equipment technology products for the military. Sany Heavy Industry will take advantage of its advantages in R & D, manufacturing and technology to undertake the development and transformation of engineering machines and be responsible for the industrialization of relevant cutting-edge equipment products in China

it is reported that "unmanned equipment" mainly emphasizes the unmanned concept of equipment. At present, the concepts that the public has more contact with mainly include that aluminum-plastic composites are simply treated as UAVs at a price 40% ~ 70% lower than that of pure plastics. The concept of UAV is also popular in the industry and capital market. Many listed companies have also laid out complete UAVs or quhongle, head of the wall reform office of Shaanxi Provincial Department of construction, said that the parts industry chain

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