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Editor's note: not long ago, Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd. held a supplier conference in Beijing with the theme of "harmonious development and mutual benefit 2. Win win situation of the main motor source of the experimental machine"

on march21,2009, Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd. held a supplier conference in Beijing with the theme of "harmonious development, mutual benefit and win-win results". This supplier conference is the first supplier conference ever held by Dongtu company. Nearly 40 supplier representatives gathered in Dongtu to jointly describe the bright future of China's national industrial Ethernet switch brand

Li Ping, general manager of Dongtu, first thanked the easily worn suppliers for their long-term support to Dongtu, introduced the development strategy, product advantages and industry prospects of Dongtu, and focused on the important role played by suppliers on the way forward of Dongtu. He hoped that everyone would pay attention to product quality, improve product competitiveness, and cooperate with each other with a mentality of mutual trust, mutual support and common development

xuebaihua, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Dongtu, explained the development of the product line for the use of high gloss black effect spray free materials in automobiles and the application cases of Dongtu products. Including Beijing Tianjin high speed railway signal system communication network, Beijing Olympic power monitoring communication system and wind power generation monitoring communication system. It also emphasizes the development direction of mutual benefit and win-win between Dongtu and suppliers, and puts forward higher requirements in terms of device product quality, environmental protection requirements, technical certification, etc

the supplier representatives introduced their companies respectively. President Zhang of CLP Huaxing said that through the explanations given by the two leaders of Dongtu just now, they had a closer understanding of Dongtu, and would provide better service and support for Dongtu in the future, and looked forward to deeper cooperation with Dongtu. LIZHIYUAN, general manager of Shunchang Technology Co., Ltd., hopes to seize the development opportunity of Dongtu to improve its national brand, quickly improve the competitiveness of its products, meet the needs of Dongtu with better product quality, and jointly create a better tomorrow

finally, Li Min, the management representative of Dongtu, introduced the supplier management mode of Dongtu; Sunguoli, assistant to the general manager, introduced that Dongtu purchased incorruptible building blocks and other toy products and packaging materials for the production of qilego building blocks; Long Zexi, the manager of the procurement department, explained the procurement business management

both parties have successfully concluded the meeting in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Dongtu will work together with all suppliers to create a better future

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