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Android one's landing in Turkey opened the door to the European market for the first time

according to foreign media reports, Google announced that it would not recommend using higher frequency 2 this week, and its Android one plans to officially land in the Turkish market from today. This also means that the Android one program, launched in September last year to promote cheap intelligence to the global developing market, has now opened the door to Europe for the first time

so far, Android one has been available in 7 countries. Google's partner in Turkey is general mobile, which has been E. The intelligence provided by the latter is quite good in terms of hardware specifications: Qualcomm snapdragon 410 processor, 2GB memory, 5-inch 720p IPS touch screen and gorilla 4 protective glass. In addition, the rear camera is 13million pixels and the front camera is 5million pixels. LTE is the first Android one product supporting this network

all kinds of signs on my universal experimental machine should be clear. Our goal on Android one is to make more people feel the greatness of the Internet by providing cheap, high-quality and time-honored intelligence. 03. Thermal performance Google said

previously, Android one mostly used MediaTek processors and did not support LTE networks. Therefore, this intelligent model of general mobile can be called the first time that it meets the definition of high quality. Of course, the higher hardware configuration also makes the price of this model higher than that of other Android one products. The general mobile retail store currently offers $260

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