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Qiangqiang and XCMG signed an in-depth cooperation agreement with Sinopec

the powerful jointly carry out the evaluation of the implementation of industrial plans and important policies. XCMG has signed an in-depth cooperation agreement with Sinopec

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after months of communication and discussion, XCMG and Sinopec signed an in-depth cooperation agreement on May 22. On the basis of long-term good cooperation, the two sides reached a comprehensive agreement on the deeper extension of the cooperation between engineering and equipment. Luanzhiqi, deputy general manager of Sinopec heavy lifting and transportation company, Yuanbo, director of general affairs department, dengzhiqiang, chief financial officer, zhangfujian, manager of marketing department, chenzhaozheng, manager of safety technology department, liziqiang, deputy manager of production and operation Department promoting the rapid and sustainable development of China's additive manufacturing industry, tanshengguang, director of production and operation Department, chenweidong, deputy general manager of XCMG crane business department and general manager of XCMG construction machinery, feixiaodong, deputy general manager of XCMG Guanglian, Sukun, director of fire marketing of XCMG, and Zhang Yong, general manager of Jiangsu Zhuxin attended the signing activities

may 22, Beijing. Sinopec heavy lift transportation company and Jiangsu Xugong Guanglian leasing company held the signing ceremony of equipment cooperation agreement

XCMG has a strategic cooperative relationship with Sinopec Group for more than ten years. The two sides have successfully implemented many cooperation projects to promote industrial research, lead technological development and enhance China's industrial competitiveness in the field of the combination of China's construction and China's equipment industries. Among them, there are many major projects that have won the national science and Technology Progress Award for their better performance and have been included in the National 863 program

talks between the two sides

Sinopec shipping is characterized by light weight, heat insulation, good resilience, good comfort, good low-temperature performance, durability, high safety and vibration absorption. The company is the first specialized engineering company integrated and established after the reorganization and listing of Sinopec refining and chemical engineering section, and shoulders the importance of innovative operation mode and international specialization development in the new stage of Sinopec refining and chemical engineering section. XCMG Guanglian is the equipment operation platform established by XCMG group to cope with the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry market. It is an important enterprise for XCMG to optimize the market operation mode and promote the service innovation of the industrial market

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the signing of the lifting equipment cooperation agreement between the two sides is based on the current market reality of upgrading the construction requirements of domestic engineering construction industry and presenting historical opportunities for international projects under the guidance of the "the Belt and Road", opening a new and in-depth cooperation in lifting equipment

in this meeting, the two sides also had a detailed discussion on the cooperation of high-altitude safety equipment, the hottest industry at present

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