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A few days ago, the science and Technology Quality Department of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation conducted a comprehensive inspection on the packaging quality of Anshan Iron and steel products, which showed that Anshan Iron and steel products had clear marks and beautiful appearance. The product packaging had realized standardized and scientific management, and the packaging quality had been significantly improved. It had stepped into the international track, which could be comparable to the world's advanced products

product packaging is known as a "silent salesman". In recent years, Angang Group has established a product packaging quality management system to supervise and manage the product packaging quality of the whole company. The production cooperation center, which is responsible for the main packaging tasks of the company's products, has established a three-level quality point inspection system, formed a closed-loop management, strengthened the packaging quality control point, reduced quality defects, and strived to create high-quality packaging

not long ago, under the leadership of the science and Technology Quality Department of the group company and in coordination with the enterprise management department of the group company, an inspection team composed of new steel, new rolling and production cooperation centers conducted an all-round inspection on the product packaging process, packaging post management, establishment of rules and regulations, and problems existing in the packaging of finished products in hot strip mills, cold rolling mills and large yards. The inspection team also inspected the product packaging of 1780 production line, 1700 production line, galvanized sheet production line and large factories. At the same time, the inspection team also visited and investigated the Bayuquan branch of the international trade company, Dalian port and other overseas branches, to understand the packaging quality and management of steel operations, and to listen to users' opinions and suggestions on the packaging quality of Angang products. Through discussion and on-the-spot inspection, it is found that the packaging quality of Angang plates and profiles is significantly better than that in previous years. According to the introduction of Bayuquan branch of Angang international trade company, the packaging quality of Angang products is highly praised by users and has become the biggest highlight of Yingkou Port Logistics Park. The quality management and logistics management level of Angang products guide the improvement of port management level. During the inspection, it was found on the diaphragm that some products were easy to break during hoisting and transportation, and the marks of very few products were inconsistent with the real objects. The surface of seamless steel pipe is painted unevenly and rusted and unclean. There are oil stains on some surfaces of the medium plate

Angang Steel Group emphasizes that only by maintaining excellent internal quality and good appearance image can we create high-quality products, and requires all units to pay attention to the product appearance image during the "1035" period, quickly rectify problems and shorten the gap with international leading-edge enterprises; With the excellent product quality of more and more carbon fiber composite component manufacturers in the automotive industry at home and abroad, Angang brand will be famous all over the world, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, and make new contributions to Angang's "building a high-quality base and creating a world brand"

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