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2013 ranking of the world's top ten paint and coating brand enterprises and sales brands in China

2013 ranking of the world's top ten paint and coating brand enterprises and sales brands in China

July 19, 2013

[China paint information] the global coating volume increased by 10% in 2012. The price of coatings rose by about 4.5%. The total sales volume of global coatings consumption reached US $120billion, and the output was 39.82 million tons. The coating volume of global coatings increased by 10% in 2012. The price of coating has increased by about 4.5%, mainly due to the insufficient supply of raw materials (titanium dioxide, acrylic resin, etc.) and the growing demand in the coating market. The rapid development of the global construction industry is one of the key factors for the growth of the coating market. The paint and coating industry largely depends on the market for its use. For example, the key industrial sectors that need to be met are construction, steel, marine, automobile and wooden furniture. Emerging markets are showing huge growth potential for architectural coatings and industrial coatings. However, due to the lack of effective production technology and product quality management, the paint market will face new challenges. Based on green chemicals, such as zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) coatings, the growing demand promotes the replacement of solvent based products. Paint manufacturers are focusing on cutting-edge innovative technologies to meet consumer and regulatory requirements. New environmentally friendly coatings will be the new development trend of the global paint and coating market. The main suppliers that dominate this paint space include PPG industries, diamond company and AkzoNobel

consumption of coating market in all continents: the largest coating consumption market in the world is still the Asia Pacific region, which ranked first with 42% output in 2012. In the Asia Pacific region, China accounts for more than half of consumption, which will slow down in the future and expand rapidly in the past. India accounts for about 15% of the regional trading volume, and has a trend to continue to increase its market share. The second largest market is Europe, accounting for 27% of the global volume. North America accounts for one fifth of the global paint exports, with mature growth prospects. The growth of South America and Central America is 8%. In the context of global demand in 2012, the growth of the region slowed down, but it is expected to grow moderately in the future

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2013 ranking of the world's top ten paint and coating brands and the data obtained that the output signal of the amplifier unit has a linear change trend. Sales brands in China:

zonobel (N.L.) AkzoNobel (Netherlands) US $18.29 billion brand: Dulux

G industries (U.S.) PPG industry (United States) US $14.83 billion brand: Master paint

Erwin Williams (U.S.) Xuanwei (United States) US $7.94 billion brand: Xuanwei paint

pont (U.S.) DuPont (USA) US $5.35 billion product No. 1: what needs to be done day by day; Brand: DuPont paint

sf (D.E.) BASF (Germany) US $4.99 billion then why constant speed? Brand: BASF nuobin

m Inc (U.S.) RPM International (U.S.) US $4.08 billion brand: RP working pressure up to 33mpam coating

amond paint (U.S.) diamond coating (U.S.) US $3.73 billion brand: diamond paint

lspar (U.S.) Valspar (U.S.) US $3.57 billion brand: China Resources paint


cal (U.K.) tricolor International (UK) US $3.55 billion brand: tricolor international

ppon paint (J.P.) Japanese paint (Japan) US $2.98 billion brand: Nippon Paint

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