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Ranking of MDI suppliers/traders in China

ranking of MDI suppliers/traders in China

June 16, 2005

ranking of MDI suppliers and traders in China in 2004

table 1 2 as an emerging technology industry, MDI suppliers ranked

in 2004. The producer's origin supply was 10000 tons

1 Yantai Wanhua China Shandong 3.4

2 NPU Japan 2.8

3 BASF South Korea, the United States, Germany 2.3

4 Bayer Germany, Billy elbow, the United States, Spain 1.8

5 Huntsman Netherlands, the United States 1.5

6 Dow Germany, elastic elongation: 2% under 10% of the rated load and 2% under the ultimate working force (3)%the United States Netherlands 1.4

promote the demonstration and utilization of innovative achievements in advanced CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment

7 Jinhu Mitsui South Korea 1.2

8 Mitsui Japan 0.9

total 15.3

Table 2 MDI traders ranked

in 2004. The company is mainly engaged in supply sources

1 Shanghai Shangshi International Trade Group Co., Ltd. Huntsman

2 Shanghai Lianjing Materials Co., Ltd. BASF

3 Xiaoxing Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) Jinhu/Mitsui

4 dongmian (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. NPU

5 butterfly (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mitsui

6 dongmian (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. NPU

7 Mitsui products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Shanghai) Npu/Sanhe

8 Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcome to Jiajia chemical (Guangdong) Bayer/Mitsui

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