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The ranking of "Belle decoration" in the field of home furnishings

Belle decoration is a common number among the current hundred numbers. At present, the weight of the account number is 1, the comprehensive ranking is 944929, and the home classification ranking is 21648, leading the hundred numbers by 15.0%

overview of belle house decoration

introduction of belle house decoration is to help you introduce the necessary gestures for home decoration. It is a self-Media author with a clear theme and focus on the field. So far, they have published more than 497 game content on Belle house, and there are no hot words in the articles created by the author recently

webmaster's home Baijia media platform estimates the operation data of belle decoration as follows:

estimated total reading: 80000-120000, comprehensively ranking 146000, PBT energy-saving lamp special material main formula composition, household classification ranking 2775

number of fans: 11000, comprehensively ranking 28000, Household classification ranking 605

estimated average reading: 200 times per article, comprehensive ranking 546000, household classification ranking 11000

Article search index: none, comprehensive ranking 974000, household classification ranking 22000

recent articles of Baile decoration Baijia number

the performance quality distribution of articles in the recent month of Baile decoration repair is, 0% are high-quality articles, 100% are medium articles, 0% are ordinary articles, which will pass the experimental test chapter, The following are recent cases of various articles

high quality articles:


medium articles:

"connect the balcony with the living room? Are you sure? See what the decoration company says before making a decision!"

ordinary article:


promotion valuation and analysis of belle decoration Baijia number

at present, the estimated promotion price of belle decoration Baijia number is between yuan, and the comprehensive price ranks 47000, higher than the overall author's estimated price of 95.7%. The home classification provides the exact basis for ranking 901, which is 96.5% higher than the author's estimated price of home classification. At present, the weight of belle decoration is 1. Through comprehensive data analysis, the estimated price is higher than that of authors at the same level, and the promotion cost performance is general (comments are for reference only)

those who are interested can click to enter to view the details:

it is worth mentioning that the number of fans of belle decoration has fallen recently. I hope they can adjust their strategies and change the situation as soon as possible. The above is the ranking of "Belle decoration" baijiahao home furnishing field - how to make money from baijiahao income analysis? For more information, please enter to view the detailed data

the authors in the same field of belle decoration recommend that the authors in the same field of belle decoration with high correlation are

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