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Innovative ideas for food machinery market (Part 2)

after China's entry into WTO, rights and obligations are equal. While China is fulfilling its commitments, other countries should also fulfill the same commitments, which will eliminate the unequal treatment China has received in trade with other countries, especially developed countries, and promote the export of China's food machinery. Reviewing the import and export of China's food machinery in recent years, there has been a good trend of decreasing imports and increasing exports recently. In 1998, China's total import and export of food machinery was 1.25 billion US dollars, a decrease of 12% over the previous year, of which the total import was 370 million US dollars, a decrease of 43.8% over 1997, showing a continuous sharp downward trend. The total export volume was US $880 million, an increase of 15.9% over 1997. Import and export trade surplus again. It is believed that this good momentum will continue after China's accession to the WTO. Entering the international market for devices such as setting aside anchor screws, lower jaw screw holes and other wire installation pipelines will be a new opportunity for our food machinery industry after China's accession to the WTO

food machinery is an important pillar of the food industry

from a worldwide perspective, the international food industry has become the world's largest industry, and its annual turnover has far exceeded that of the automotive, aerospace and electronic information industries, and the food industry is still in continuous development. According to experts' estimates, by 2005, the market turnover will exceed US $1.5 trillion, while China accounts for only about 1/10 of it, This is obviously not commensurate with China's status as a big country with a population of 1.2 billion

food industry is one of the most innovative and sustainable industries. However, the development of food industry depends on the development of food machinery industry, which will be one of the important pillars of the development of food industry. As a pillar, its development speed is generally higher than that of zigzag fatigue experiment, which can be divided into Rotating Zigzag fatigue experiment, circular zigzag fatigue experiment and plane zigzag fatigue experiment; It can also be divided into 3-point zigzag, 4-point zigzag and cantilever zigzag fatigue tests; The development speed of food industry. Looking back on the development of China's food machinery, its output value increased from 280 million yuan in 1981 to 11.7 billion yuan in 1995, an increase of 40 times, and the growth rate of the food industry in the same period was 5.5 times. The proportion of the output value of food machinery in the output value of the food industry also increased from 0.4% in 1981 to 2.60% in 1995. These two groups of figures not only show that the development speed is much higher than that of the food industry of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of food Jinan experimental machine. But even so, China's food machinery industry still can not meet the food industry to introduce many food processing machinery from abroad. Therefore, it can be predicted that by 2020, when the output value of China's food industry exceeds 300million yuan, the output value of China's food machinery industry will reach 90billion yuan (based on the output value of food machinery accounting for 3% of the output value of food industry), an increase of 6.7 times over 1995. It can be predicted that at that time, China's food machinery will still not fully meet the needs of the development of China's food industry, and will also import a large number of foreign food machinery. Therefore, the future of China's food machinery market will be very attractive

development has reduced the impact of human factors on the accuracy of experimental data. China's food machinery industry: innovative ideas

at present, the development of food machinery is of great significance. The processing objects of food machinery are all kinds of agricultural and sideline products, which are the main body of agricultural and sideline products processing machinery, and have an inseparable close relationship with agriculture. Therefore, the development of food machinery is actually a practical action to implement the central government on the issue of agricultural industrialization, It is an important step for industry to support agriculture to realize modernization and industrialization. For a long time, the development of food industry and food machinery has always been in a very passive and embarrassing position, that is, what we produce in agriculture, what we process (even including defective agricultural and sideline products), and what consumers consume. Now we must change this backward concept and establish an innovative concept of what the market needs, what agriculture produces, and what we process. Therefore, as entrepreneurs of food machinery, under the guidance of this innovative concept, they should attach great importance to market trends, so that what the market needs, we can produce immediately, and constantly innovate our products, so that the products we provide to the market will always be "innovative" brand

technological innovation is the whole process from the research and development of new technologies to the first commercial application. In this process, science and technology change from knowledge form to material form, and from potential productivity to real productivity. Therefore, technological innovation is the key to realize the combination of science and technology and economy. On the whole, the quality and product grade of China's food industry are relatively low, and the production process and technology are backward. In the development process of the food machinery industry, there are few independent innovative products and more digested and imitated products. It is often simple development and manufacturing behind foreign technology, and the gap with developed countries is gradually widening. The reason is the lack of the spirit of technological innovation. To thoroughly solve these problems, we must constantly carry out technological innovation. First of all, we should establish a market-oriented technological innovation mechanism and strengthen market awareness. The second is to truly highlight the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation. The state has required all key state enterprises to establish technology development centers by the end of this year. The third is to form a good operating mechanism for technological innovation and increase investment in technological innovation. At present, the proportion of technology development investment in sales revenue of large and medium-sized enterprises in China is only 1.27% on average, while in developed countries, it can reach 5% - 10%. The absolute value of investment is far more. The fourth is to establish the specific content of technological innovation

vigorously develop new technologies, application foundation and soft science research, and carry out scientific and technological research on some key, strategic, comprehensive, driving and derivative major projects. At the same time, we should strengthen and accelerate the transformation and promotion of major scientific and technological achievements that play a guiding role in the industry technology, such as biotechnology, supercritical extraction technology, new sterilization technology, membrane separation technology, automation technology, etc., so as to truly promote the healthy development of China's food machinery industry

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