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Shangrao Yushan opens a new development path of "Internet + furniture industry"

Shangrao Yushan opens a new development path of "Internet + furniture industry"

June 28, 2016

[China paint information] on June 24, 2016, the 2016 China Yushan Internet + furniture industry belt cooperation and exchange conference was held in Yushan County. It was learned at the meeting that Yushan County and Alibaba had a cost-effective cooperation to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry

Zheng Xiaochun, Secretary of Yushan County Party committee, said at the meeting that "interconnection +" is an important direction to promote supply side reform and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. In recent years, Yushan County is committed to leading industrial transformation with the thinking of "interconnection +", integrating and promoting e-commerce and industrial development, expanding market space, releasing potential business opportunities and boosting economic development

Yu zewei, head of Alibaba juyuansuan home decoration automobile industry, said that "the quality of the industry comes from this way" is a series of activities of juyuansuan home decoration industry, and it is planned to start such a series of marketing activities at least once a month from July

"Juyuansuan home decoration industry continues to recommend brand goods with high cost performance and good service experience for consumers. As one of the three major industrial belts of furniture, Jiangxi, in promoting the upgrading of the industrial chain of the furniture industry, aligns the edge of the swing rod with the inner scribe line at a fixed level, including product quality, brand molding, logistics and transportation, e-commerce marketing, etc., all need to rely on the platform to force enterprises to improve their goods and services market-oriented according to consumer needs Services, so that the brands in the industrial belt can be widely used in packaging, construction and other industries can further develop on the e-commerce platform. " Yu zewei also helped the whole industry develop in the direction of social specialization and cooperation

it is understood that in order to promote the "Internet + furniture industry", Yushan County has begun to plan a large number of infrastructure construction, such as furniture e-commerce Industrial Park, furniture e-commerce logistics park, furniture e-commerce headquarters building, etc. At the same time, a series of policies and measures have been formulated in terms of furniture e-commerce land, financial credit, talent training, children's schooling, tax incentives, support and incentives, housing leasing, certificate processing services, etc. This is because polymers are composed of long-chain elements with targeted policies and measures. In addition to Alibaba furniture industrial belt, the county will also actively strive for the support of jd.com and other well-known third-party platforms in industrial belt policies, so that Yushan will become a depression for the development of furniture e-commerce, a gathering place for talents, and a distribution center for logistics information, and build the furniture industry into a new industrialized industry with deep integration of manufacturing enterprises and e-commerce. Since March this year, 58 furniture e-commerce companies have been introduced

Zheng Xiaochun said that in the next step, Yushan County will actively do a good job in the layout planning of the Internet + furniture industry, improve the operation level of the Internet + furniture industry, improve the service level of the Internet + furniture industry, and build Yushan into a "Chinese furniture e-commerce headquarters base"

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