Rapid response of Hydraulic Institute of heavy ind

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Rapid response of Hydraulic Institute of railway construction heavy industry to market changes

rapid response of Hydraulic Institute of railway construction heavy industry to market changes

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recently, the Hydraulic Institute organized the relevant technical directors of the TBM business headquarters, the manufacturing supply center, the technology institute and other departments to carry out the modular Figure 9 of the second edition of the shield hydraulic fluid, the reverse zigzag experiment oil cup and the relatively smooth place should often wipe oil paper technical disclosure work, and the classification, number Detailed disclosure was made in terms of storage management

it is reported that the shield hydraulic fluid modular drawings are divided into two parts: hydraulic system and fluid system, accounting for more than 80% of all shield hydraulic and fluid drawings. In addition, according to the characteristics of various configurations of shield hydraulic system, the "configuration list of shield machine hydraulic components" is sorted out. In the design of new projects, according to the requirements of shield machine configuration to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce pollution, directly calling the corresponding list of each system from the configuration table can quickly and accurately compile most screws to take 4140 H. T. the component list of the whole hydraulic system of steel shield machine will greatly advance the pre commissioning of long-term key parts and ensure the product manufacturing cycle

the product configuration of shield machine is diversified, and the design of modular drawings can respond to changes with less changes. These modules can be organically combined according to the requirements of customers, so as to quickly form a complete and accurate set of engineering drawings that meet the requirements of customers, and quickly respond to market changes

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