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Ranking of global AI chip Enterprises: Huawei ranks the highest among Chinese companies

compass intelligence, a market research consulting company, released the latest research results and announced the "a_list" of the world's top 15 AI chip enterprises. The top three are NVIDIA, Intel and NXP in order. Apple ranks eighth, Samsung 11th and Huawei 12th

in the past three years, major companies have made a total of more than $60billion in R & D and investment in AI by acquiring AI and AI start-ups. At present, there are about 1700 AI start-ups, and the industry's demand for AI chipsets is gradually expanding

nvidia uses its Volta GPU architecture for data centers and NVIDIA drive for autonomous driving assistance systems (ADAS, AI chips for self driving)? Px. For NVIDIA Dr Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. told you that in the test process, Ive? PX's Xavier system (SOC) 2 platform and dgx-1 AI supercomputer are leading competitors in innovative technologies

in addition, startups have also performed well. For example, knowm challenges the current chipset architecture by adopting a design method that separates memory and processing

nadine manjaro, a senior consultant of compass intelligence, said, "every year, we will strictly evaluate enterprises in the field of IOT and AI and select leaders in the industry according to the comprehensive compass intelligence architecture, modeling process and metrics driven market intelligence."

A_ List defines AI chipsets: including companies that provide software and hardware for AI chipsets

AI chipset products include: central processing unit (CPU), image processor (GPU), neural network processor (NNP), application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), field programmable gate array (FPGA), reduced instruction set calculator (RISC) processor, accelerator, etc

there are also some chipsets for edge processing or devices, some for servers used in cloud computing, and some for machine vision and automatic vehicle platforms. Some of these products are AI computing frameworks, while others are AI training platforms. Edge and server chipsets are optimized for high performance and ultra-low power consumption, and can run at speeds ranging from 1 trillion times per second (TOPS) to 30 tops. Power efficiency is very important for extending the battery life of edge devices and reducing the power cost of server infrastructure

edited by: Compass Intel a_ List is a proprietary research framework that uses index compilation, comprehensive economic indicators, supplier tracking analysis, enterprise statistics, market indicators, quantitative tracking and analysis to provide scoring and ranking references for suppliers in mobile equipment, IOT and emerging technology markets

the top 15 AI chip enterprises in the world this time are NVIDIA, Intel, NXP, IBM, AMD, Google, arm/softbank, apple, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Samsung, Huawei, imaging (UK), Synopsys and MediaTek

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