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The 27th German Essen tire exhibition was successfully concluded at 4:00 p.m. on June 8, 2012, the 27th German Essen tire exhibition was successfully concluded with a crisp closing bell. Known as the most influential international measurement accuracy tire exhibition in the world, this year's global economic development has slowed down, and it has still made unprecedented achievements. 19000 professional buyers from more than 130 countries and regions came to the exhibition site to obtain first-hand market information, face-to-face consultations with 653 global exhibitors from 44 countries and regions, and look for any possible business opportunities. The atmosphere was lively, and the world's tire giants showed the world the latest tire technology and products. The interactive sessions were wonderful. Mr. Peter hulzer, chairman of BRV, gave a positive comment on the significance of this exhibition: "compared with the good performance in 2011, the economic situation in the first five months of 2012 disappointed the whole industry, especially the German tire sales industry; but at the 27th Essen tire show, we really felt the exciting development momentum."

grand occasion of the exhibition

high tech products are highly favored

at this exhibition, compared with the general-purpose tires with fierce market competition, the high-tech products UHP ultra-high performance tires, flat tires that can continue to drive when the tires are punctured, and tire labels and tire pressure testing systems applicable to the new regulations of the European Union market are more remarkable. This exhibition also held the selection of "2012 Innovation Award", and a total of three enterprises won this award in three different fields. Among them, the "technology and product innovation award" was awarded to snap on equipment GmbH, a chassis diagnosis and tuning system supplier from Germany. Their chassis monitoring system is composed of five cameras and accurate tuners, and all test data are recorded to ensure that the defects of wheels and tires will be calibrated in time; The "service concept and process optimization Innovation Award" was awarded to alligator, a special product of alligator ventilfabrik GmbH in Germany. This product is a TPC sensor for tire pressure monitoring. This sensor can be operated on the computer of the automobile repair shop to obtain data and transmit the data to the customer for reference. In the near future, all vehicles in Europe will be equipped with this TPC sensor; "Environmental protection and energy saving innovation award" was awarded to ate ceramic brake pads, a product of continental aftermarket GmbH, which can reduce wear and dust, improve comfort and reduce environmental pollution caused by wheel hub cleaning

overview of hall 3

temperature rise China Exhibition Group made a grand debut

a total of 140 enterprises in China participated in the exhibition, accounting for 21.4% of the total number of exhibitors. In the case of poor overall tire export situation, everyone is doing their best to strive for more trade opportunities. China is the largest tire production and export country in the world, with an annual output of nearly 400million tires, of which about 40% of tires are exported to all over the world. On the stage of international tire and rubber exhibitions in various countries and regions, Chinese enterprises have always been one of the overseas countries with the highest proportion of exhibitors. Although this reflects the overall strength of China's tire industry, it also exposes many problems arising therefrom. In order to win more business opportunities on the international stage such as Essen exhibition in Germany, Chinese enterprises began to pay attention to brand building and publicity from the inside out, not only from the quality of products, but also to improve product performance and scientific and technological content, so as to adapt to the constantly improving threshold of the European market; And develop high-performance tires suitable for high-end models, improve product added value, and get rid of the harsh environment of low-end market profit competition; At the same time, Chinese enterprises began to pay more attention to brand building, bringing brand image and marketing concepts into booth design, so that more and more high-quality tires made in China were recognized by the world. It is believed that through various publicity and promotion channels, China's high-quality tires will be recognized by developed countries in the near future

group photo of Zoomlion Exhibition Group

the lineup of Zoomlion rubber group made a strong appearance

as the general agent of the exhibition in China, Zoomlion Rubber Co., Ltd. organized a delegation of more than 80 people to attend the exhibition at Essen Exhibition Center in Germany, and led the members to attend the VIP welcome reception carefully prepared by the organizer. According to the personal feelings of the participants, we learned that although the European economy has recovered, the overall feeling is still not optimistic. Although the number of visitors is more than that of previous sessions, the actual orders received are insufficient. Everyone is still worried about the economic trend in the second half of the year, and the wait-and-see mood is strong. Coupled with the depreciation of the euro and the obvious downward trend in the price of natural rubber, the world economic situation is not good, and the lowest proportion of cobalt materials with the highest price is optimistic. At the same time, we also hope that domestic tire enterprises can work together to tide over the difficulties according to their capabilities under the effective guidance of relevant government departments

looking forward to the future

throughout the whole process of this exhibition, the German Essen tire exhibition has opened a window for the global tire industry and introduced a breeze under the current sluggish economic background. Everyone who pays attention to, worries about, and is keen on the tire industry is here to truly exchange information, accurately control the development pulse of the industry, and maximize business opportunities. Everyone came with great expectations and returned with great achievements. Whether it's real orders or potential customers, everyone wrapped up the exhibition with expectations for this exhibition

the next exhibition, the 28th German Essen tire exhibition, is expected to be held on May, 2014. Here, Zoomlion Rubber Co., Ltd. on behalf of German Essen Exhibition Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to visit again

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