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The 28th stop of Shantui's "customer care line" walked into Poyang and Jingdezhen

the 28th stop of Shantui's "customer care line" walked into Poyang and Jingdezhen

1. The long-term use temperature (8 0-2) 20 degrees national construction machinery information

recently, Shantui's customer care line team came to Poyang County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. Poyang County is known as "land of plenty", "fertile state" and "silver Poyang". So far, Poyang has a large-scale farmland reconstruction project

the visiting group drove 200 kilometers to tianban street, Poyang County, Shangrao City to visit TL bulldozer customers who are most widely used by Shantui sd16phb. During the communication with the customer, I learned that the foot throttle of the car returned too slowly recently, and preliminarily judged that there was a short circuit fault in the foot throttle circuit. After arriving at the construction site, the service personnel immediately repaired the equipment and contacted the Weichai service personnel for on-site support. After testing through ECU and debugging the foot throttle, the hidden quality hazards and customer concerns were eliminated, which was recognized by the user

next, the visiting group came to a power plant in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, which has four mountain pushing equipment, two of which are 50wa loaders. During the visit, the service team carried out on-site training for customers and operators, solved some doubts caused by customers' insufficient understanding of national III engine series products, corrected some wrong operation methods, gave comprehensive guidance on daily maintenance, carefully recorded the opinions and suggestions put forward by customers, and provided support for further improving product quality

in the Shantui customer care activity, the serious, professional and pragmatic working attitude of the visiting group made customers appreciate it, which laid a good foundation for the promotion of Shantui brand image and the product promotion since the development of national III new self-determination metal materials

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