The 26th China International Building Decoration M

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The 26th China International Building Decoration Materials Exhibition

the 26th China International Building Decoration Materials Exhibition

December 8, 2020

Dalian Home Expo

the 26th China International Building Decoration Materials Exhibition

the 26th China International Furniture and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

the 26th China International customized furniture and smart home exhibition

time: July, 2021 reliable Safe

location: Dalian World Expo Plaza

guiding unit: China Furniture Association

organizer: also make full use of the R & D resources owned by the parent company, China Interior Decoration Association, Dalian Municipal People's Government

organizer: Dalian north Jinqiao Exhibition Co., Ltd., Dalian Furniture Association

I Introduction to the exhibition

Dalian Home Expo (the 26th China International Furniture and building materials exhibition) is a professional home furnishing exhibition jointly hosted by China Furniture Association and China Interior Decoration Association and Dalian Municipal People's government. With the concept of building a high-quality, efficient and high-end home trade exhibition platform, the exhibition actively promotes the integration of various industrial chains in the home industry, and is committed to building the China International Furniture and building materials exhibition into a more comprehensive and convenient display, exchange and trade platform

at present, the "Liaohai Europe" Arctic northeast channel, the "liaomeng Europe", "liaoxin Europe" and "liaohui Russia" railways, which are mainly constructed by the state and Liaoning Province, provide Dalian with an important opportunity to connect Japan and South Korea with the hinterland of Central Asia and central and Eastern Europe by land and sea. As an international shipping center, international logistics center, international trade center and regional financial center in Northeast Asia, Dalian really has great development prospects and business opportunities

the fatigue testing machine of China International Furniture and building materials exhibition group is mainly used for fatigue life testing of various spiral springs, Belleville springs, shock absorbers, seal springs, etc. with the sense of mission of holding the exhibition for more than 20 years, the committee is based in Dalian to provide diversified industrial chain display for the industry and bring multi-channel integration collision to the furniture and building materials industry. Provide the most cutting-edge and direct communication platform for the majority of enterprises, merchants and consumers, and finally realize the good docking and matching between exhibitors, professional buyers and end consumers, reach a consensus, cooperate and negotiate, and comprehensively promote the prosperity and development of the furniture and building materials industry

II. Highlights of this exhibition

1. Trend zone, quality upgrading

2021 exhibition breaks the traditional display mode, sets up a special area for the display of scene integrated products, and sets up a special area for the display of new products, integrated manufacturing, office scenes without lattices, smart home, ergonomic products, all categories, new concepts, all-round display, and quality upgrading

2. Comprehensive and effective publicity to ensure high-quality visitors

this exhibition will be promoted online and offline efficiently: comprehensive information matrix promotion, professional database accumulation, accurate big data screening, specially invited expert professional forums, many professionals to watch the exhibition, offline multi-channel promotion, through targeted communication, strong promotion to cover the upstream and downstream of the industry to ensure high-quality visitors

III. exhibition scope

◇ furniture and accessories:

living room furniture/bedroom furniture/study furniture/children's furniture/office furniture/kitchen and bathroom furniture (equipment)/craft furniture and other supporting, accessories and raw and auxiliary materials

plate, hardware, veneer, etc.

◇ customized furniture:

whole house customization, single product customization, system accessories, etc.

◇ smart home:

whole house smart home, smart security, smart entertainment Smart communities, smart appliances, etc

◇ woodworking machinery: impregnation equipment/dust removal and environmental protection equipment/engraving machine equipment/painting equipment, etc.

◇ building decoration materials:

doors and windows, curtain walls, ceilings, cabinets, if the sealing gasket is broken, sanitary ware, ceramics, floors, stones, pipes, paint, coating, heat preservation, waterproof, etc.

◇ electrical equipment:

air conditioning, kitchen appliances, heating, ventilation, purification, gas and solar products, etc.

IV Booth setting and charging standard

◇ international standard booth: 3M × 3m=9m2, standard configuration: three sides of coaming, one lintel, one negotiation table, two chairs, two spotlights, one 220v/5a power socket (only limited to audio-visual equipment). If temporary power consumption is required, it must be paid on site

◇ clean site: no configuration, providing 24-hour cleaning and security services; If the booth is specially decorated, according to the regulations of the exhibition hall, it must be before entering the hall ◇ charge standard: domestic exhibitors 6000 yuan/booth, and pay the construction management fee of 15 yuan/square meter and the construction deposit of special booth to the exhibition hall. The price of corner booth will be increased by 20%

the net site is 600 yuan/square meter (starting from 54 square meters)

foreign exhibitors $2000/booth

v. exhibition schedule

exhibition arrangement time: July, 2021 8:: 00 development time: July, 2020 9:: 30

July 18, 2020 9:: 00

removal time: July 18, 2020 15:: 00

VI. participation in the exhibition

contact person: Ms. Wu



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