The 2nd Xuanwei paint model house solicitation ord

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The state of loss in the whole industry still has a great chance to continue one session of model houses, and the speed is controlled at a low level. With the support of the solicitation activity, at the strong request of friends, the United States Xuanwei paint launched the second session of the city wide model house solicitation activity. This time, the headquarters approved only 10 model houses. The model room activity policy is exclusive to you


1, go up or sign up

2. At 9 a.m. on July 25, the shuttle bus of sanxiaokou Museum leaves at 9 a.m

3. Visit the model house and do various tests on site; Beautiful gifts will be given when you visit the model room

4. Detailed analysis of Meijia's driving stretching AIDS (or tightening, twists and turns and other AIDS) to move up and down the model room in the store

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