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Conference: the 2nd special coating development and application technology seminar

conference: the 2nd special coating development and application technology seminar

March 3, 2009

[China coating information]

organizer: coating industry The magazine

National coating industry information center

coating and coating special committee of the Chinese society of chemical engineering

co organizer: Yangzhou meitushi Jinling special coating Co., Ltd.

written in the front

the biennial special coating technology seminar will open in Yangzhou, Qionghua Jinxuan. From the collection of conference papers, insiders responded warmly. Although the financial crisis has affected the world, the coating industry has also been impacted and entered the winter of economic development, it is also the spring of technical reserves. Nearly 50 papers were participated in this conference, which is a concentrated and in-depth discussion on the special coating industry in recent years

this meeting will mainly discuss the development of the following aspects:

◇ fire retardant coatings; ◇ nuclear power coating; ◇ anticorrosive coating

◇ thermal insulation coating; ◇ military coatings

meetings are interspersed in the form of special reports and paper exchanges. During this period, representatives of the meeting can interact with the author of the paper for full communication, and some sessions can also be demonstrated on site, making the discussion more intuitive and vivid

this meeting was strongly supported by Yangzhou meitushi Jinling special coating Co., Ltd. Rusty coating has been developed in China for more than 40 years, but it is difficult to apply. US dollar company will discuss new varieties of waterborne rusty anti-corrosion special coatings at the meeting. CNOOC Changzhou coating chemical industry research institute has become the backbone unit of R & D and production of nuclear power coatings, and the development of nuclear power coatings will be presented at the meeting; The Naval Equipment Technology Research Institute will do the research and application of antifouling and anti-corrosion coatings; Experts from a department of the General Armament Department will also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, as well as a detailed analysis of aerospace, thermal insulation coatings, aerospace coatings and other aspects

the financial crisis is bound to bring about a reshuffle of the industry structure and new development opportunities. While making contributions to the national economic construction, coatings will also face the elimination of some varieties. The high-end performance of special coatings has always been at the forefront of technological research and development in the coating industry. 2009 will be a new opportunity and new starting point for the technological development of special coatings

meetings are everywhere, not necessarily wonderful everywhere. The coating industry magazine has worked hard to build a conference brand over the years, and has been widely recognized in the industry. This meeting provides you with a rich platform for information exchange; April (March of the lunar calendar) is the time of spring, and fireworks will bring you unforgettable memories when they go to Yangzhou in March

welcome colleagues in the industry to attend the meeting, meet old friends and make new friends. Welcome to Yangzhou

Project Manager: e Zhongmin

at the

meeting in March 2009, contact the magazine of coating industry, Exhibition Department of national paint industry information center

address: No. 22, middle Longjiang Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province (213016)

contact person: ye Chaomei (special line for participation and registration) e Zhongmin, pay attention to wiping the contact parts ()

ZHENG Chen () Xu Chen ()


e-mail: conference@ (e-mail for participation and registration)


theme report

development and application of nuclear power coating technology

Wang Liufang, senior engineer

National coating engineering technology research center, senior engineer of CNOOC Changzhou coating chemical Research Institute, specializing in the research and development of special coatings such as anti-corrosion coatings and nuclear power coatings for more than 20 years, participated in and presided over more than 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology projects. It has won many awards above the municipal level. He has published more than 10 papers in various journals across the country

prospects for the development of marine anti-corrosion coatings

Fu Dahai, senior engineer

he is currently the chief engineer of the Naval Equipment Technology Research Institute. Experts with special contributions from the state are the professional and technical leaders of the Navy and one of the top ten scientific and technological cadres. He has published 4 Monographs (coauthors) including practical painters' manual, Q & A on coating and coating techniques, and coating surface pretreatment technology and application, and has published more than 80 papers. It has won many progress awards for replacing new belts for military science and technology, and has 3 national invention patents and 3 utility model patents

development of water-based rust coating

Bian Darong economist

vice chairman and economist of Yangzhou meitushi Jinling special coating Co., Ltd. Executive director of China Industrial anti corrosion Technology Association, director of China anti corrosion society, vice president of Yangzhou anti corrosion Association. It has won the titles of entrepreneur, star of entrepreneurship, advanced individual and excellent Communist Party member in Yangzhou, and has won the commendation of advanced worker of the Ministry of agriculture, excellent entrepreneur of the second national defense corruption of China, 5 Science and technology progress awards of China Township Enterprise Administration and Jiangsu provincial and Municipal Science and technology progress awards

latest progress in high temperature resistant coatings

MA Yongnan, senior engineer

chairman and general manager of Xi'an Li'ao Technology Co., Ltd. In many years of enterprise management and technical practice, he has a deep understanding of the development of scientific research and technology and accumulated rich management experience, organized and guided the implementation of many major and complex coating science and technology projects, presided over the development of aerospace special coating projects such as "Long March II" bundled rocket supporting paint and rocket special paint, and won many awards. Presided over the successful research and development of high temperature resistant coating for "Shenzhou V" and "Shenzhou VI" manned spacecraft, which was awarded by China Aerospace Corporation in 2005

other highlights

Research on lightweight fireproof materials for tunnels

Sichuan Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of public security

solar thermal reflectance test and result analysis of Naval Equipment Technology Research Institute

synthesis of hyperbranched epoxy resin and its application in solvent-free coatings marine corrosion and protection

Key Laboratory of national defense science and technology

preparation of doped polyaniline and its application in water-based anti-corrosion and anti-static coatings Hebei University of Technology College of chemical engineering

Institute of polymer science and engineering

reasonable selection of corrosion protection design life of steel structures in thermal power plants Shenhua Guohua (Beijing) Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd.

sealing materials for the protection of iron cultural relics Chinese Academy of cultural heritage

Research Progress on humidity regulating coatings; Institute of polymer research, Northwest Normal University

Research on Intumescent tunnel fire retardant coatings; Sichuan Fire Protection Research Institute

discussion on the weather resistance of fire retardant coatings for steel structures when applied; preparation and Performance Research on composite water-based metal anti-corrosion and heat insulation paint of China Academy of Building Sciences

materials of South China University of Technology Research on the preparation and performance of rice husk coke thick coating fire retardant coating of School of science and engineering Yancheng Institute of technology material engineering research on the factors affecting the emissivity of infrared stealth coating Ordnance Engineering Institute of marine environment reinforced concrete coating performance test research institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences analysis of factors affecting the electrical performance test of anti-static coating Shanghai Zhengchen anti corrosion Technology Co., Ltd

concrete bridge cracks Research on repair materials

Institute of metals and chemistry, Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences

variety steel multifunctional high temperature resistant temporary protective coating technology research on amorphous powder coupling treatment for electromagnetic shielding coating, Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of functional materials, General Academy of iron and Steel Research

synthesis of stearate based aluminum zirconium coupling agent and modification of long afterglow luminous pigments

aviation coating, School of information, Nanjing Forestry University Current situation and development trend of materials technology application of nano transparent thermal insulation coating in building energy conservation in the Ninth Research Room of Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials Beijing Guobang Technology Development Center synthesis and Performance Research of bulk hybrid lotion for intumescent fire retardant coating Research Institute of marine chemical industry preparation and performance of fire retardant coating for steel structures School of materials, South China University of technology preparation of antistatic coating of waterborne melamine resin Nanjing Research on high-performance fluorocarbon building exterior wall energy-saving coating, School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Xi'an University of science and technology Research on the preparation and performance of UV curable antistatic coatings in the school of environmental energy, Department of polymer science and engineering, School of chemical engineering, Hebei University of technology, research progress of intumescent flame retardant system, Xi'an University of architecture and technology, development and role of resin matrix for marine antifouling coatings, the Seventh Five year Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, thermal insulation glaze like coating for internal and external walls of buildings, No. 355, Hefang West Road, Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province Experimental research on water-based rust resistant coatings research progress of carbon nanotube coatings in the school of civil engineering, Hunan University Development of epoxy reinforcement coatings in the Institute of marine chemical industry 92117 army development of low-cost silicone modified high temperature resistant coatings Shenzhen Tianjian Coating Technology Development Co., Ltd research on the influencing factors of emissivity of infrared stealth coatings the third Department of the College of ordnance engineering light color waterborne epoxy electrostatic conductive coatings Shandong Lehua Group Qingdao Lehua Technology Co., Ltd.

low temperature curing light color oil tank antistatic oil resistant epoxy anticorrosive finish Wuhan Shuanghu coating Co., Ltd.

Research on military green heat reflective coating for tent Research Key Laboratory of new materials research, Qingdao University of science and technology

discussion on the adhesion of RTV antifouling flashover coating, School of materials, Yanshan University

the influence of conductive coating composition on the performance of chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors Research and application of rusty coating of special materials branch of (Ningxia) Oriental Group Company

the 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group

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conference arrangement: conference arrangement: from April 20, 2009 to April 23, 2009, exchange at the conference, visit the

conference registration fee standard:

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3 people (and more) 1200 yuan/person 1400 yuan/person

payment method:

please remit the conference fees from the bank or post office to the host unit, And indicate "plastic coating conference fees"

bank remittance: deposit bank: Changzhou Branch Business Department of industrial and Commercial Bank of China

bank account number: 11050201090000133638

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