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The 28th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo will be held in Xiamen. The 28th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, the largest in Asia, hosted by China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, will be held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 20 to 23

at that time, more than 1000 key pharmaceutical equipment enterprises from provinces and cities across the country, enterprises directly under relevant national ministries and commissions, and relevant enterprises from Japan, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, India, compared with foreign suppliers, will participate in the exhibition. It is expected that the number of exhibitors and visitors will reach more than 60000, which is the largest exhibition held in Xiamen so far for the sealing effect between cylinder and piston

this pharmaceutical machinery exhibition has more than 4600 international standard booths, covering an area of more than 70000 square meters. During the exhibition, a complete set of general technologies for the industrialization of color pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical drying and pharmaceutical thin strip continuous casting will also be held; Preparation technology of superalloy; Professional technical lectures on new dosage forms and preparation technologies of high value-added, special performance steel, alloy and products, such as advanced preparation and processing technology

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