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Uncover the secrets of the wearable device industry chain: 19 companies gather in the upper and middle reaches of the river. This wearable device that sounds tall may be familiar to you, or you may think it is a new peek that is used to replace metal parts in aircraft (such as the new Boeing 787), brake pads and smart parts in cars, and medical implants. As these devices slowly enter our vision, it can also be said that intelligence is an important trend in the future market

there are a variety of basic materials attached to the wearable device chain. The upstream end mainly includes sensors, flexible screens, amorphous alloys, processors and memories, batteries and other hardware elements, FPC and so on; The midstream is mainly the development of software systems such as touch modules, bone conduction headphones, memw microphones and receivers, voice interaction technology, mobile medical components, somatosensory related products, and the surfaces that contact the samples, such as sticky soft rubber, wristbands, headwear, and chassis; The downstream is the finished product manufacturers, such as the well-known Google glasses, apple Iwatch, Microsoft smart watch, etc

this week's financial weekly focuses on the wearable device industry chain and understands the whole industry chain from the basic material

according to the statistics of financial weekly report, there are mainly 23 listed companies involved in the field of wearable devices in China, which is different from the products made by foreign main building manufacturers. 19 of these listed companies in China are concentrated in the upper and middle reaches of the industrial chain, accounting for 82.6%

upstream core material: sensor

six years ago, the smart market did not develop widely. The smart market was detonated by Apple's iPhone. Its essence is that the convenience of life brought by intelligence caters to people's needs, and wearable devices will extend the tentacles of information technology to every corner of life and become necessities of life

at present, intelligent functions are rich, but the screen is small and requires handheld operation, which restricts the use in driving situations, and wearable devices will provide a solution for this. Smart glasses can output large pictures. Smart watches have an input touch screen of appropriate size, and the most important difference is that they can obtain information naturally through the human body, and it is more convenient for the human body to wear

therefore, the flexible design of touch screens that generally conform to ergonomics and sensors for human information collection are particularly important in the industrial chain

in a relevant research report of Shenyin Wanguo, MEMS sensors are the touchstone in the wearable device industry chain and the core of upstream technology in the industry chain. Indeed, as the core material of intelligence, MEMS sensors have high added value and are an important basis for human-computer interaction. It can be said that they are the most important direction of wearable technology innovation and future development potential, and also the hardware foundation of informatization

according to the statistics of financial weekly report, there are a total of 9 major listed companies on the upstream end of wearable devices. These include Goethe acoustics, crystal optoelectronics, Suzhou gutechnetium and Hanwei electronics, which produce MEMS sensors and their accessories; Derun electronics and danbang technology, which produce flexible concept components; Antai technology and Yunhai metal, which produce amorphous alloys; There are also Zhenghai magnetic materials that generate downstream wind power recovery; And Desai battery, which benefits from the high production of batteries, processors and storage devices in the oil and gas industry

among them, goer acoustics took the lead in MEMS sensors. Goer acoustics said that the company began to develop MEMS products very early. At present, MEMS microphone products have been introduced to the market, mainly for export to the international market, and its main customer is apple. The company has laid out wearable devices, smart TVs and other fields, and is expected to enter the supply chain of key customers' smart watches, smart glasses and smart TV related modules in the future

Goethe acoustics' products are located at the upstream of the global industrial chain. They are assembled by a third party to produce finished products, and their products eventually flow to international manufacturers. This is also an epitome of the wearable industry chain, which has not yet formed a complete ecological chain

is one of the biggest problems faced by many domestic companies, which is their inability to integrate the industrial chain. Therefore, some people in the industry believe that the greatest value of wearable devices lies in creating an independent ecosystem and building a new hardware entrance

midstream core material: language control and interaction technology system

the convenience of wearable devices can be understood as the direct liberation of hands, so the voice control and interaction technology on midstream nodes is the most important part of this link, and Chinese voice is an important technology

in the midstream, how to realize localization and how to cooperate with Chinese voice technology providers will be important steps for several giant wearables to explore the Chinese market. Domestic listed companies involved in voice control and interaction technology are mainly iFLYTEK and digital video of somatosensory interaction technology

next is bone conduction earphones, which will be the standard configuration of wearable devices in the future. The main components are communication chips, sensors and micro motors. The companies involved are mainly Gongda electroacoustics, Goethe acoustics and hytera; The third is the wireless communication module, which requires the stability and efficiency of data transmission. In the future, the local area network will be upgraded to the personal local area network formed by the necklace of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC. The companies involved include huanxu electronics and Dahua intelligence; Fourth, mobile medical components, including pedometers and handheld monitors, GPS and operation services, are also an important expansion of wearable devices in the medical field. The main companies are Jiuan medical and baolaite

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