With happiness, butterfly Yilan has sent warmth fo

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Butterfly Yilan, a happy companion, has been giving warmth for ten years in a row

obviously, she can eat by her appearance, but she has to fight for temperament

as long as you do a good job in business, you have to get involved in charity

in the home furnishing fabric industry, there is such an enterprise that is extremely insecure - dieyilan

recently, the school of packaging art and design of Hunan University of technology held the 2016 New Year Party of "heart setting sail, dream blooming" for dieyilan. Dieyilan Hunan company prepared high-value gifts worth more than 6000 yuan and 30000 yuan scholarships for students, which pushed the event to a climax. Then, in the large-scale public welfare activity of "love Zhuzhou, send new year's goods to the poor people", dieyilan donated another 10000 yuan of new year's goods. This is the 10th time that the company has participated in this activity, and has been sending a love in the cold winter day for the poor people for ten years

the outsourcing College of the University of technology held the 2016 New Year Party of "heart setting sail, dream blooming" of dieyilan

"an enterprise, like the earth, should not only rotate, but also revolve, that is, while the enterprise is developing, it should always remember the social responsibility of the enterprise." The person in charge of dieyilan said so. Since its inception, the brand has insisted on economic efficiency and social responsibility go hand in hand for 21 years. Charity is an important part of dieyilan's happy culture. The company has conscientiously fulfilled its social responsibilities. For ten consecutive years, it has participated in a series of activities such as "sending annual goods to the minimum living allowance" and "helping students in the golden autumn". It has set up a "dieyilan award scholarship" in Hunan University of technology, and sponsored a large-scale public welfare speech activity of "my career is my father", which has been highly praised by all sectors of society. In July this year, the company was even more original, launching the activity of "love the bed, send health, and lead customers to charity". It has donated more than 30000 yuan to the charity branch of Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City. With the help of love, it is full of positive energy

"love the bed and give health" leads customers to do charity

love is boundless, and love is always there! May there be more such insecure enterprises in the society, and may the poor people all over the world smile

dieyilan brand was born in 1994. It is a fabric home furnishing brand committed to "creating a happy home life for more people". It owns Guangdong Foshan dieyilan home furnishings Co., Ltd. and Hunan Zhuzhou dieyilan Fabric Co., Ltd. its products fabric sofa and fabric curtain are widely sold in domestic and foreign markets, and it has more than 120 franchise stores nationwide





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