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Many consumers will always worry about whether the wood products will crack and deform after winter construction. In fact, in the past, wood was allowed to dry naturally, but with the progress of science and technology, the main decoration materials are mechanically dried in "dry kilns". Therefore, as long as you pay more attention during maintenance and transportation, you can rest assured of decoration. In other words, winter has little impact on the main wood decoration materials

on the other hand, winter is the driest season of the year. The moisture content of wood is the lowest, the dryness of wood is high, and the wood is not easy to crack and deform. Due to price constraints, there is almost no real drying auxiliary wood on the market at present, which is generally dry on the surface. In summer decoration, the surface of the auxiliary material wood feels dry, but its weight is heavy (because of the high water content), which will be seriously distorted after nearly half a year of natural drying; In winter decoration, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can just test the wood and construction quality. After only oneortwo months (so the winter construction period should not be too short), potential quality problems (such as dryness and deformation) will be reflected in time. At this time, before painting and handover, the construction personnel can modify or dismantle it immediately, which can ensure the quality of wood decoration for a long time





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