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The National Day offers a lot of benefits, not only eating delicious food, but also getting iphone6. There are also huge discounts waiting for you. Shangpin home accessories has made an appointment with you. Such a huge gift can't be missed. Let's change your room for new clothes on the National Day

change new clothes for your home, bring you new mood, enjoy infinite beautiful scenery at home, and keep dating Shangpin homestead

the annual National Day holiday, which is widely expected, is coming again. Do you want to travel? That may not be the scenery, but the back of the head, okay! Want to go shopping? Swiping your card can be addictive, and your desire can't stop the car! It's better for monk pinzhai to have a home appointment, so that taste buds and wallets can be unrestrained. While satisfying the appetite for food, the home can also be changed

appointment object

160 square meter special package (including 30 pieces of furniture in the whole house)

for a small apartment space of 60 square meters, what can make better use of space than customized furniture. Shangpin homestead launched a 60 square meter special package, ranging from furniture, sofas to curtains, with a variety of styles to choose from

original price: 35388 yuan

special sale price: 30080 yuan

270 square meters special package (including 33 pieces of furniture in the whole house)

this package fully reflects the unique advantages of customized furniture for small apartment space. Whether it's size, material, or color, it can be customized according to your home space and your personal preferences. You can make full use of every inch of space in your home

original price: 36768 yuan

special sale price: 31253 yuan

380 square meter special package (32 pieces of furniture in the whole house)

compared with finished furniture, this 80 square meter special package can better integrate the style of soft and hard decoration in home space as a whole. At the same time, for modern home spaces that emphasize storage efficiency, such customized packages are not only more practical, but also more worry-free

original price: 39288 yuan

special sale price: 33395 yuan

discount atmosphere

the Global Food Carnival is lively

from October 1 to 2, whether you are a fan of French cuisine, a loyal fan of Thai unique cuisine, or a fan of Japanese exquisite cuisine... In short, your taste buds will never be disappointed when you go to Shangpin home furnishing Global Food Carnival. It is reported that the Food Carnival of Shangpin homestead will be held in the atrium on the first floor of guangbai Xinyi City. You can also bake delicious Western dessert cakes by yourself under the guidance of a pastry chef

the tip of the tongue is addicted to feet. Let's try our luck. It is reported that, as part of the food marketing of Shangpin home furnishing and household classes, there will be golden egg smashing activities with rich prizes at the event site. During the event, a total of 100 iphone6 will be smashed, as well as other colorful prizes including food cash vouchers, soymilk machines, refrigerators, etc

eleven Shenghui is naturally inseparable from the strong discounts. During the National Day holiday, Shangpin home accessories launched a total of four Discounts: 1. A discount of 8.5% on the sofa mattress series. 2. During the event, all customers who enter the store can draw a gift certificate of "Shiquan ten dollars", with the amount ranging from 100-500 yuan. The cash certificate can be used to buy sofa and mattress series products (it can be directly reduced after being purchased separately or bundled with cabinets). 3. Coupon reduction for regular counter products (500 yuan free coupon for reservation gauge) over 10000 yuan, 8 straight 50% off. 4. After the discount is more than 10000 yuan, the deposit is 10000 yuan, and the maximum can be reduced by 8080 yuan




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