Pay attention to the purchase of composite floor.

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Now many families will choose to meet the floor, the price is relatively moderate, the cost performance is good, then how to choose composite floor has been a problem for many netizens to consult. Xiaobian will give you answers from the following aspects

now many families will choose the flooring that meets the requirements. The price is relatively moderate and the cost performance is good. How to choose composite flooring has always been a problem for many netizens to consult. Xiaobian will give you answers from the following aspects

one floor reinforced composite floor

wear resistance revolution

this is an important index to measure the quality of composite floor. Objectively speaking, the higher the wear-resistant revolution, the longer the floor should be used, but the wear-resistant value is not the only standard to measure the service life of the floor. Under normal circumstances, the wear-resistant revolution of the composite floor is up to 10000, and the products with less than 10000 revolutions may have different degrees of wear after 1 ~ 3 years of use

swelling rate after water absorption

this index can be regarded as qualified if it is within 3%. Otherwise, the floor will be deformed when it is wet, or when the humidity is relatively high and the surrounding seal is not tight, which will affect normal use

formaldehyde content

this is a key indicator related to whether the product we choose is harmful to our health, but it is easy to be ignored by consumers. According to European standards, the formaldehyde content of every 100 grams of floor shall not exceed 9 mg. If it exceeds 9 mg, it is an unqualified product

floor thickness

at present, the thickness of the floor in the market is generally 6 ~ 12mm, and it is better to choose a thicker thickness. The thicker the thickness, the longer the service life, but at the same time, the actual needs of the family should be considered

assembly effect

you can take the samples of two floors and assemble them to see whether they are neat and tight after assembly





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