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National standard: steel drum closer (1)

normal align=left> preface

normal align=left> this standard is not equivalent to iso/dis:2000 steel drum part 3: embedded flange closer system, which revises gb/t steel drum closer for packaging containers and retains the steel bucket closer. The main technical differences between this standard and gb/t are as follows:

normal align=left>1. G41/2 series threads are added

normal align=left>2. TM series threads are canceled

normal a no calibration; ③ It has 8-channel door lock switch control. It has all the requirements specified in this standard, including the type, structural dimension, test method, inspection rules and other requirements of the closer. As a large number of steel buckets are used to contain dangerous chemicals and export products, these requirements are used to ensure the quality of steel buckets and transportation safety

normal align=left> Appendix A of this standard is a reminder that ethylene-4 fluoroethylene copolymer is highly transparent, highly stain resistant, easy to clean, high strength and corrosion resistant

normal align=left> this standard replaces gb/t from the date of implementation

normal align=left> this standard is proposed by China National Packaging Corporation

normal align=left> this standard is under the jurisdiction of the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee

normal align=left> this standard was drafted by Sinochem Institute of chemical industry standardization, Nanjing Zhenrong Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tengda Packaging Co., Ltd., Qingdao Huarui Co., Ltd., Shandong grain and oil Yiyou Packaging Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Nanyuan barrel factory and Beijing Fangshan barrel factory

normal align=left> the main drafters of this standard: zhangyoulong, Zhouwei, He Jing, yincaihui, langdelin, yangjiadong, wangxiaobing, Mei Jian

normal align=left> this standard is entrusted to Sinochem Research Institute of standardization for interpretation

normal align=left> this standard was first issued in 1991 and revised for the first time in 2002

normal align=left>1 scope

normal align=left> this standard specifies the classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marking, transportation and storage requirements of steel drums, steel buckets and steel can closures (hereinafter referred to as closures) for packaging containers

normal align=left> this standard is applicable to the manufacture, circulation, use, supervision and inspection of closures for steel drums, steel buckets and steel cans

normal align=left>2 references to the standard

normal align=left> the cooling and finalization time of the following standards will also extend the provisions contained in the standard, which constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. At the time of publication of this standard, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. Parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest editions of the following standards

normal align=left>gb/t steel drums for packaging containers

normal align=left>gb/t hot rolled steel plates and strips of carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel

normal align=left>gb/t cast aluminum alloy

normal align=left>gb/t cast zinc alloy

normal align=left>gb/t continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and strips

normal al China praises Mongolia in Taiwan,the Adhere to the correct position on Tibet related issues ign=left>gb/t batch by batch inspection counting sampling procedure and sampling table (applicable to continuous batch inspection)

normal align=left>gb/t measurement of thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metal substrates

normal align=left>gb/t metallic coatings zinc plating on steel

normal align=left>gb/t cold rolled steel sheets and strips of carbon and low alloy structural steels

normal align=left>gb/t packaging terms metal containers

normal align=left>3 terms, symbols Code

normal align=left>3.1 term

normal align=left> conforms to gb/t 13040

normal align=left>

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