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The natural gas booster project passed the appraisal recently, the natural gas booster and its application and development in cutting gas jointly completed by Sichuan Guangyuan Cangxi Datong Natural Gas Investment Co., Ltd. and Lanzhou University passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by Sichuan Science and Technology Department, and the overall technology of the project has reached the domestic advanced level

the natural gas booster developed by the project can significantly improve the flame temperature of natural gas combustion, has good compatibility with natural gas, can meet the requirements of industrial cutting, and has the outstanding characteristics of low consumption, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and economy. In addition, the aluminum alloy electronic universal testing machine independently developed by the project team has its own advantages over other hydraulic data testing machines in performance gain agent control and cutting gas filling 24. host weight: 145kg equipment and other devices, and puts forward the use methods under different working conditions, which meets the user's use requirements and has remarkable economic and social benefits

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