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The national textile product development center and Zibo signed a strategic cooperation agreement. On September 11, the Zibo Municipal government and the national textile product development center held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shandong Qisheng international hotel. The modified plastics independently developed by China have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, self lubrication, earthquake resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. Libinhong, director of the national textile product development center, xiazhilin, President of Shandong Textile Industry Association, LiuXiao, member of the Standing Committee of Zibo Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, etc. attended the signing ceremony

the national textile product development center is a national textile product development and promotion organization. It integrates information services, trend release, product development, quality testing and market promotion. It is committed to product development all the year round and provides professional consulting services and promotion programs for textile enterprises. Their comprehensive cooperation with Zibo will effectively improve the innovation level of the city's textile industry. After the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Zibo Municipal government and the National Textile Development Center, Zibo Municipal government will fully perform various and obligations stipulated in the agreement and create a good environment for the cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that Zibo enterprises will actively participate in this work and make full use of this platform to improve their R & D and innovation capabilities. Zibo textile association should give full play to the role of the Secretariat and take the initiative to do a good job in coordinating services so far

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