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Natural gas price reform has entered a critical period. Experts say that step-by-step adjustment is a trend.

in one month, the prices of various resources related to people's livelihood suddenly have to rise, and the prices of energy stocks in the market have almost risen in turns. First, water supply companies, then power enterprises, and then new energy stocks. Until yesterday, the news of natural gas price rise pushed gas companies to the top of the list

at the close yesterday, Changchun gas rose by the limit, Shaanxi natural gas rose by the limit, Datong gas rose by 9.88%, Fulong thermal power rose by 8.68%, even large cap Sinopec rose by 3.25%, and PetroChina rose by 1.23%

yesterday, PetroChina senior management disclosed that the rise in natural gas prices is certainly good for the company, but it is still uncertain how much impact the rise in natural gas prices will have on the company's performance. Now let's learn about the usefulness and advantages of this experimental machine

the domestic wholesale price of natural gas soared

yangjianhong, deputy director of the oil and gas pipeline engineering planning and Research Institute of China Petroleum Planning Institute, disclosed recently that the specific plan of the national development and Reform Commission on the reform of the natural gas pricing mechanism is still under discussion, and will be submitted to the State Council for approval as soon as possible after the discussion. This indicates that the natural gas price reform has entered a crucial period

yesterday, a senior PetroChina official told that the company has not yet received the news of natural gas price adjustment, but there have been calls for price adjustment all the time. As natural gas is a scarce resource, residential gas consumption should be guaranteed first. Low prices will cause some chemical enterprises to seize resources, which is not conducive to the effective use of resources

PetroChina, which accounts for 80% of domestic natural gas pipelines, has continuously stepped up the construction of backbone pipelines in recent years. On the one hand, it has actively sought to introduce overseas gas sources. The newly completed second west east gas pipeline has introduced Turkmenistan's natural gas, but it still can not keep up with the growth of demand

due to the recent ice and snow attack on the northern region, the state has urgently allocated some natural gas from the "west to East Gas Transmission" pipeline, resulting in a shortage of natural gas supply in Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other central and eastern cities downstream of the pipeline. In the case of tight natural gas supply, within half a month, the average domestic natural gas wholesale price has soared by 500 ~ 700 yuan per ton, an average increase of more than 20%, and the rise is still continuing

with the entry of foreign gas, it has become a top priority to smooth the domestic natural gas price. PetroChina recently disclosed that the natural gas pricing mechanism reform plan has completed the consultation with the three major oil companies, which marks that the natural gas reform is about to be introduced. According to the pricing mechanism under consideration, the price of natural gas will be linked to the price of crude oil and coal. It is reported that the ex factory price may increase by 20% ~ 311 Methyl methacrylate: 0% of isobutylene process line

yesterday, PetroChina executives disclosed that the rise in natural gas prices must be good for the company. It is still uncertain how much impact the rise in natural gas prices will have on the company's performance. According to insiders, the ex factory price and pipeline transmission price of natural gas are stipulated by the national development and Reform Commission. PetroChina does not have the right to price natural gas, and the part raised is not all the company's income

the pricing mechanism needs to be straightened out.

professor dongxiucheng of China University of petroleum told Securities yesterday that the recent gas shortage is actually related to the gas supply capacity. "As a scarce resource, the supply of natural gas is limited, but the price adjustment cannot guarantee the supply, because the underlying reason for China's natural gas is that the growth of consumption exceeds the supply. We can only rely on imports to solve this problem. We are doing this, but it will take time. It will take time for the signing of agreements and the construction of facilities."

2008 energy Blue Book predicts that China's natural gas consumption will reach 240billion cubic meters in 2015, with a supply-demand gap of billion cubic meters, and the supply-demand gap will reach 90billion cubic meters in 2020. According to the Research Report of Guosen Securities, it is inevitable to choose imported natural gas to make up for the gap between supply and demand of natural gas, which will lead to a further increase in China's dependence on natural gas imports, and will also face the problem of price integration between the domestic natural gas market and the international natural gas market.

Ningbo also focuses on the goal of innovation driven transformation and development. For example, the China Turkmenistan natural gas pipeline of the second west to east gas transmission line will be opened on December 16 this year as planned, The annual gas transmission design capacity is 40billion cubic meters

the CIF price is 1.98 yuan/m3 excluding tax, more than 2 yuan/m3 including tax, which is 0.6 yuan higher than the gate station price from the first line of West to east gas transmission to Shanghai. At present, the wellhead price of domestic civil natural gas is still 0.8-0.9 yuan/m3 including tax, and the highest price of industrial gas nationwide is 1.32 yuan/m3 including tax

dongxiucheng said that the most prominent problem of natural gas is the price. It is difficult to import natural gas without price reform, because the price of foreign natural gas is higher than that of domestic natural gas, and the gas imported by PetroChina or Sinopec (600028, Guba) cannot be sold at a loss. Therefore, price reform is the general trend

facing the severe situation, the natural gas reform has made a major breakthrough. It was previously reported that the specific plan for natural gas price reform could be released as soon as the end of this year. As for the price reform scheme, the cost weighted average pricing method may be adopted to promote the "mixed pricing" mechanism, and the price fluctuation of alternative energy may be referred to according to the calorific value equivalent. Insiders predict that the ex factory price will rise by 20-30%

dongxiucheng believes that the new price mechanism will be a complete set of plans, not just price increases, but objectively speaking, the reform must increase prices, but this mechanism will not be in place in one step and needs to be constantly adjusted. From the ex factory price and pipeline transmission price of the gas field, to the gate station price of each city, and finally to the terminal price of each household, this is a link that drives the whole body. Therefore, it is very complex and very sensitive. Natural gas is a major livelihood event that concerns thousands of households, involving more people than product oil. Experts believe that it will be gradually adjusted to make people accept it like the price method of refined oil

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