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Natural latex tackifier may become an inevitable trend in the industry.

it is understood that natural latex tackifier can be used for adhesives, but its performance is unstable, its smell is large, and its high and low temperature resistance is poor, so it needs to be modified. Natural latex is the main component, and an appropriate amount of tackifier, stabilizer, bactericide and other additives are added to prepare a water-based adhesive with low viscosity, good storage stability and low odor. The water-based adhesive can be used for bonding sofa and other furniture

natural latex strives to explore an effective mechanism for collaborative innovation between industry, University and research in the field of basic research. Adhesive tackifier may become an inevitable trend in the industry.

any rubber has self-adhesive, but there are differences in degree. Some even have differences. It is important to often pay attention to the problems found in the use of the experimental machine. The self-adhesive of natural latex is the most ideal, and the ease of forming and processing can be rated as the first-class. Natural latex tackifier is a renewable natural resource with good comprehensive properties. Its wet gel has high strength and film-forming property. Therefore, it needs to be equipped with a tensile machine with a large stroke to test the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials. The product has large elasticity, high elongation at break and small creep. It is widely used in the field of adhesives. At present, solvent-based neoprene adhesive is the main adhesive used for interior decoration in China, which pollutes the environment and seriously threatens people's health. With the improvement of environmental protection laws and regulations, the development of non-toxic and pollution-free high-performance water-based adhesive has become an inevitable trend

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