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National standard: corrugated base paper national standard: corrugated base paper gb

normal>1 subject content and scope of application

normal> this standard specifies the technical specifications of corrugated base paper

normal so users should not think that the more you buy, the better. This standard is applicable to the corrugated base paper used for manufacturing corrugated board


normal>2 reference standard

normal>gb451.1 paper and board size and deflection measurement method

normal>gb451.2 paper and board quantitative measurement method

normal>gb451.3 paper and board thickness measurement method

normal>gb453 paper and board tensile strength measurement method (constant speed loading method)

normal>gb462 method for determination of moisture content of paper and paperboard

normal>gb2679.8 method for determination of ring pressure strength of paperboard using touch type graphic control interface

normal>gb2828 sampling procedure and sampling table for inspection by batch (applicable to inspection of continuous batches)

normal>gb10324 packaging and marking of paper

normal>gb10739 pulp Standard atmosphere for paper and paperboard sample treatment and test


normal>3 product classification

normal>3.1 corrugated base paper is divided into four grades A, B, C and d according to quality

normal>3.2 corrugated base paper can be divided into flat paper and web paper

normal>3.3 the specifications of corrugated base paper can be specified in the order contract. The size deviation of web paper shall not exceed 80mm, the size deviation of flat plate shall not exceed 5mm, and the deviation shall not exceed 5mm


normal>4 technical requirements

normal>4.1 the technical indicators of corrugated base paper must comply with the provisions in Table 1

normal>4.1.1 other quantitative corrugated base paper can be produced according to the agreement between the supplier and the demander. Its physical properties refer to the corresponding grades in Table 1


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4.1.2 according to the agreement between the supplier and the buyer, sizing corrugated base paper can be produced

normal>4.2 the material made of corrugated base paper has the characteristics of hard, brittle and high water absorption. No delamination is allowed without external force

normal>4.3 the fiber structure of the corrugated base paper shall be uniform and the thickness of the paper shall be consistent

normal>4.4 the corrugated base paper shall be flat and free of creases, holes, hard sundries and other appearance paper defects that affect the function

normal>4.5 the corrugated base paper shall be cut neatly without cracks, missing corners, rough edges, etc

normal>4.6 the broken end of the web shall be firmly bonded with adhesive tape. The number of joints of each web shall be no more than one at grade A and no more than three at grade B, C and D, and shall be clearly marked

normal>4.7 web diameter is mm

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