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Price reform of natural gas power generation: or to ease the pressure on enterprises to survive

recently, the Zhejiang Price Bureau announced that the natural gas power generation unit in the province is trying to implement a two-part electricity price. Specifically, according to different models of natural gas generating units, the electricity price is 0.67 yuan to 0.73 yuan per kilowatt hour, and the capacity price is 360 yuan, 470 yuan and 680 yuan a year

"in order to ensure the balance of electric power and electric safety, certain capacity electricity charges will be deducted for power generation enterprises that do not comply with the variety and complexity of demand adjustment and do not undertake the peak power generation task. If the cogeneration unit needs to generate electricity beyond the plan due to heat supply, the upper electricity price will be settled according to the benchmark upper electricity price of coal-fired units in the province." Zhejiang Price Bureau station display

the so-called two-part electricity price means that the electricity charge of consumer users consists of electricity price and capacity price. The electricity price is calculated according to the amount of electricity consumed, and the capacity price is calculated according to the capacity of the transformer. The sum of the electricity charges calculated according to the two electricity prices is the amount payable by the customer. The material has been widely used in auto parts, so it is very important to clean after each use. All the electricity charges are based on the reasonable sharing of capacity cost and power cost

natural gas power generation has an awkward position in China. It has been used as a peak load regulation power supply for a long time, but the cost of gas is high. Before that, the electricity price did not interact with the gas price, and many enterprises are facing losses. Chenyunying, an analyst at axis, said that the advantage of implementing the two-part electricity price is that the implementation of the capacity electricity price is equivalent to compensating the loss making natural gas power generation enterprises, so that the enterprises can continue to produce. However, the government regulates and controls the gas turbine power generation plan according to the macroeconomic situation, thus controlling the number of power generation hours, which is an obstacle to the development of enterprises

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