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The natural gas price reform plan is expected to be released in the first quarter of next year. Yesterday, a person from Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. explained in detail today about changing the operating procedures of the experimental machine and the working conditions of the equipment for wire rods. 1. According to the source, the natural gas price reform plan will be released in the first quarter of next year, but he did not disclose the pricing method of the plan

at present, the mode of pricing according to the weight ratio of imported natural gas and domestic natural gas has been transferred to the final scheme. In addition, there are ways such as "one gas and one price" of unified pricing and "mixed pricing" of establishing a reasonable price comparison relationship between natural gas prices and fuel oil and product oil prices

"there can be no unified national price, only one benchmark price." Liuyijun, a professor at the school of Business Administration of China University of petroleum, believes that the possibility of "one price for one gas" is relatively small. "The question now is whether the benchmark price will be market-oriented. As for whether the benchmark price will be raised, it depends on the economic recovery. From the current pricing perspective, it is not just cost considerations. The state is actually considering both supply and demand when setting prices."

as for "mixed pricing", Liu Yijun said that the prices of natural gas and alternative energy are closely linked, and the linkage mechanism is conducive to the gas price. In addition, it can also be commercialized by ordinary computers. "It is hoped that downstream users and upstream manufacturers can meet directly to separate the intermediate pipelines, so that some foreign suppliers can also participate in it. It used to be upstream pricing, but now it is time to consider changing to downstream pricing. The best way is the 'I use gas, you compete' model."

according to linboqiang, director of the energy economy research center of Xiamen University, the current "gas shortage" situation has improved, and the economy is gradually stabilizing. If the natural gas price is not changed, the best time will be missed. "No matter what kind of plan, it can be modified and improved according to the actual situation after the introduction of the plan. The problem now is that the introduction of the price reform plan is imminent."

will be directly regarded as false advertisements in the future; At present, China's natural gas industry chain is mainly composed of natural gas producers, pipeline operators, urban gas companies (end operators) and downstream users. Domestic self-produced or imported natural gas is supplied to urban gas companies through natural gas pipelines in accordance with signed agreements. Urban gas companies develop downstream markets and complete resource transmission and distribution

"no matter which way the natural gas price change is ultimately adopted, it is more likely to be a structural change." Liu Yijun told that gas prices are the result of the role of market structure and should reflect the supply and demand structure of the market. "For example, the current trunk pipeline is built and operated by a few companies, while the branch pipeline under the trunk pipeline is controlled by local companies. When it reaches the city, it is controlled by the city gas group. Peak shaving is required after the natural gas demand rises, but peak shaving needs the cooperation of three parties, which presents a cost problem. Therefore, the operation mode should be changed."

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