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The new polyurethane sealing material can improve the gas extraction rate of coal mines

in recent years, China's coal mine gas extraction has made great progress. Gas extraction is to prevent gas hazards in coal mines. Especially, the steel used for mining ring chain is mainly hot-rolled round steel, cold-rolled round steel and wire rod or coil, which is the fundamental measure to prevent coal and gas outburst and gas explosion. It is still a very important work in the future to further improve the effect of mine gas extraction by taking multiple measures at the same time, pumping first and then mining, and reaching the standard. In the whole process of gas drainage, hole sealing is one of the most important links. The quality of hole sealing directly affects the effect of gas drainage. This requires seeking a sealing material and sealing process that can seal the hole at the specified depth and is willing to have good air tightness with China on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit

gather more than 10 academicians of the two academies in the field of new materials in Hubei Province and 37 ammonia esters from national and provincial technical centers specializing in materials. It is a new type of hole sealing material and an ideal hole sealing material. The successful application of it will be of great significance to improve the gas extraction rate of mines, reduce the extraction cost and reduce the physical strength of workers. Polyurethane specially used in coal mine has been tested in laboratory, underground industrial test and popularized. Its performance indicators meet the requirements of gas extraction

it is reported that the flame retardant performance of polyurethane for coal mine produced by Chongqing Yuke mining equipment Co., Ltd. has passed the inspection of the national quality inspection center. And there are three outstanding features: 1. Time delay; 2. Expansion rate; 3. Compact hardness

relevant data show that polyurethane on the market is generally made of materials a and B. it foams immediately after mixing. The expansion rate is either too high or too low, and the compactness and hardness basically fail to meet the requirements. Polyurethane for coal mine starts foaming after 4-5 minutes, which is conducive to operation. The expansion rate is properly controlled, and the compactness and strength are much higher than those of the orifice. The wood plastic composite made of waste wood chips and waste plastics came into being. At the same time, its viscosity and compactness ensure that the casing has sufficient stability in the borehole. Practice has proved that using this kind of material and hole sealing technology can increase the extraction concentration by more than 13% and the extraction purity by more than 10.5% compared with conventional hole sealing materials and methods. It is an ideal hole sealing material for gas extraction

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