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Novasep process announced recently that it will launch a new pack-n-sep50 series of preparative HPLC columns

and even if the coloring strength is more powerful than the ordinary painting process, pack-n-sep50 is the latest preparative chromatographic column, which is suitable for the purification process from gram level to 100 gram level

preparative chromatographic column has the advantages of 50 cm I.D. dynamic radial compression column (DAC) and the function of packaging multiple preparative chromatographic columns. It can be used independently with HPLC, SMB or Varicol system

the company's new pack-n-sep series products have the following advantages for medical and procedural development chemists:

1. They can be packaged and removed in less than five minutes

2. Dense design: it makes the operation of the equipment particularly convenient, and can seal the subgrade bed with a height of 27 to 34 cm

3. Very high reliability: because most of the parts are the same as those of prochrome LC50, the market leader

4. High flexibility: whether short column (SMB) or long column (HPLC), the same packer is used for packaging

5. If smart design is not needed, the same type of packaging device can be applied to several types of pipe strings to meet the requirements of the laboratory and make the price of the equipment competitive Jinan testing machine factory address

6. high efficiency: pack-n-sep can be fixed on the packaging machine according to the DAC mode, so as to adapt to the application requiring high precision and particularly stable foundation bed for a long time

source of information: China packaging

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