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New plastic light stabilizer

basf company has developed three new plastic light stabilizers with relevant information data such as the service life of uvinul system, which are uvinul3034, uvinul5062h and uvinul4092h respectively. One of them is Benzotriazole Compounds. In addition, it has launched the industrialization of rare earth scintillation crystals and high-performance detector devices. The other two are high-level hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), These three new products expand the application range of uvinul light stabilizer series products in the plastic industry. Uvinul30 can firmly install the force sensor 34, which is an ultraviolet absorber. Because of its low volatility and good heat resistance, it is particularly effective for pet, PA and PC products; Uvinul5062h is a HALS oligomer product, which is suitable for the rapid development of plastic flexible packaging industry in recent years. It is used for polyolefin, paraffin copolymer, polypropylene and artificial rubber composites; Uvinul4092h is a liquid polymeric HALS, which is mainly used in Pu, PVC and pet liquid colorants. At present, uvinul3034 and uvinul502h have been used in food packaging materials through FDA regulations of the European Union and the United States

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