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New polystyrene resins come out

recently, Doyle plastics company of the United States introduced two new types of polystyrene resins. According to the company's introduction, the two types of new resins have improved the application performance of polystyrene in food packaging

these two polystyrene resins named Styron A-Tech 1220 and 1260 are introduced by the company on the basis of polystyrene production technology. They have the advantages of low production cost and good use performance, and are suitable for extrusion or thermoplastic production of packaging materials. It is particularly worth pointing out that these two new resins have strong environmental corrosion resistance, good stiffness and toughness, and are very suitable for the production of food packaging

according to the technical personnel of Doyle company, the new resin has excellent comprehensive properties that most ordinary plastics do not have. For example, ordinary plastic packaging customers can only choose one of the two properties of stiffness and impact strength as the material selection standard, because ordinary plastics are difficult to have both. However, this new type of resin has integrated various properties during development, so that it has relatively balanced properties. At present, these two kinds of polystyrene plastics have been recognized by some major customers of food packaging in North America. In January this year, some parts of North America began to use this kind of plastic in large quantities

in addition, these two new plastics have excellent corrosion cracking resistance. Generally, food with high fat or oil content will cause greater corrosion to its plastic packaging, but 1260 polystyrene plastic has noticed this problem in the development process, and has taken some measures in terms of technology, so that 1260 polystyrene plastic can meet the needs of food packaging, especially when food contains large fat and oily components, it has strong corrosion cracking resistance. As a typical example, it can be used to make bowls, boxes and other containers for coffee or soup and container covers

compared with previous excellent high-grade plastics, 1260 polystyrene plastics have stronger corrosion cracking resistance. Corrosion resistant Kjell materials technology will start using the new name covestro from September 1st, 2015. The test of cracking performance is carried out with a solution made of 50% cottonseed oil and 50% oleic acid as the medium. Under the pressure of 500PSI (pounds per square inch), the failure of advanced plastics makes the surface heat of the workpiece more capable of stretching, contracting, bending and other performance tests on various materials. The weight is 320000 seconds, while the failure time of 1260 polystyrene plastic is 452000 seconds. Under the pressure of 2000psi, the failure time of advanced plastics is 23 seconds, while the failure time of 1260 polystyrene plastic is 54 seconds. The longer the failure time is, It shows that the corrosion resistance of the material is better. Obviously, the corrosion resistance of 1260 polystyrene plastic is significantly better than the existing high-grade plastic

the second new polystyrene product launched by Doyle, Styron A-Tech 1220 plastic, is different from 1260 polystyrene plastic. 1220 polystyrene plastic has both stiffness and toughness, and is also very suitable for food packaging materials and containers, such as drink cups, plates, dishes, bowls, etc. 1220 polystyrene plastic has both the advantages of stiffness and toughness, which can reduce the weight of containers and packaging materials, thereby reducing production costs

1220 the physical properties of polystyrene plastic include: softening temperature 105 ℃, melting rate 3.3 g/10 min. The impact strength of its cantilever beam is 2.1, and the tensile yield strength is 3600psi. These two strength indexes are significantly better than the performance of existing advanced plastics, and the latter two strength values are 1.8 and 3200psi respectively. The elongation of 1220 polystyrene plastic is 45%

after 1260 and 1220 polystyrene plastics were put into use in North America, new varieties of polystyrene B plastics were added. At present, 1220 polystyrene plastic is mainly put on the European market, and 1260 polystyrene plastic is mainly put on the Latin American market

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