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The new policy is conducive to reversing the decline in the use of foreign capital

relevant insiders analyzed that under the background of the global financial crisis, China's timely introduction of the above new policies and measures is conducive to reversing the downward trend of foreign investment for 10 consecutive months, further improving the development capacity of foreign-funded enterprises in China, and adding vitality to China and the world economy. However, under the impact of the current international financial crisis, international investment and trade protectionism are on the rise. Countries around the world must work together to break all kinds of artificial barriers and promote the facilitation of world investment and trade

Liwenpu, deputy dean of the school of economics of Xiamen University, pointed out that China's great achievements in vigorously promoting the development of additive manufacturing industry in the past 30 years are inseparable from the unswerving implementation of the opening-up policy

over the past 30 years, China has approved the establishment of nearly 660000 foreign-invested enterprises, and the actual amount of foreign capital used has accumulated to US $899billion; Foreign direct investment has been carried out in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, with a total investment of more than US $180billion. At present, the Chinese economy and the world economy have been more closely linked

however, the financial crisis has brought a great impact on global transnational investment, and it is difficult for China to be alone. According to the Ministry of Commerce, from January to July this year, 12264 foreign-invested enterprises were newly established across the country, with the actual use of foreign capital of US $48.4 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 27.4% and 20.4% respectively; In the first half of the year, China achieved a cumulative non-financial outward direct investment of US $12.4 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 51.7%

shendanyang, deputy director of the general office of the Ministry of Commerce, said that China's actual use of foreign capital decreased significantly, mainly due to the international financial crisis and the significant decline in global transnational investment. As the world economic trend this year is still uncertain and there are still many uncertain factors, the situation of utilizing foreign capital in the coming months is generally not optimistic

Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister peshevsky, who participated in this CIFIT, believes that attracting foreign direct investment has recently been challenged by the economic crisis, which has affected the prospects of the economies of all countries, and has put forward a serious task for governments of all countries, forcing them to find various ways to reduce the negative impact of the economic crisis and restructure the economy in a more effective and responsible way, So as to finally eliminate the threat brought by the economic crisis

At this CIFIT, Minister of Commerce chendeming pointed out that the Chinese government will combine the introduction of foreign capital with improving the ability of independent innovation, optimizing the domestic industrial structure and promoting regional coordinated development; At the same time, we should actively support and guide qualified Chinese enterprises to "go global", constantly expand new fields and new ways of foreign investment cooperation, and encourage these enterprises to participate in international division of labor and competition at a higher level and in a broader field

in July this year, the cumulative output of Dell computers in China reached 30million at the same time; In the second quarter, Dell's shipments in the Asian market exceeded those in Europe for the first time. Zhang Yaohua, general manager of Dell's China customer service center, said that the Chinese market played a very important role

he said that at present, the Chinese market is improving, basically out of the worst stage of the financial crisis, and sales are showing an increasing trend. "The development of the Chinese market has exceeded Dell's expectations, and we have never experienced such a rapid growth rate."

van der hoofen, the Dutch economic minister, pointed out at the CIFIT that at present, more than 1800 Dutch companies are doing business in China. Almost all Dutch multinational companies have invested in China. China provides a lot of opportunities for investors around the world. The Dutch have entered Chinese business life

although the situation of China's utilization of foreign capital has been bad since this year, Shen Danyang said, "we are still full of confidence in the situation of China's utilization of foreign capital, especially in the medium and long term."

Shen Danyang said, first of all, China's current political and social stability, the long-term trend of economic development has not changed. Secondly, China's domestic market has great potential and unlimited business opportunities. Especially with the accelerated development of industrialization and urbanization, the implementation of the policy of expanding domestic demand will provide more and newer business opportunities and development space for foreign investment

Another very important factor is that China's basic policy of expanding opening-up and encouraging the absorption of foreign capital has not changed

According to Shen Danyang, the Ministry of commerce is working with relevant departments to further stabilize the new policy of foreign investment. Some new policies and measures will be introduced in many aspects, such as creating a stable and transparent policy environment, a unified and open market environment, a standardized and efficient administrative environment, optimizing the industrial and regional structure of foreign investment, improving the relevant policies for the domestic listing of foreign-invested enterprises, and guiding foreign capital to participate in the reorganization and transformation of domestic industries through mergers and acquisitions

"in short, we are fully confident in the development trend of China's utilization of foreign capital." Shen Danyang said

the world worked together to promote trade and investment facilitation and oppose protectionism in any form

in the first half of this year, China's GDP increased by 7.1% year-on-year, an increase of 0.3 percentage points over the fourth quarter of last year, becoming one of the world's first major economies to show signs of recovery

at the same time, the data released by the European Bureau of statistics in August showed that industrial orders in 16 euro zone countries rose 3.1% month on month in June this year, the largest month on month increase in 19 months; The real gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States fell by 1.0% in the second quarter of this year, unchanged from the preliminary data released last month, better than the 1.5% decline previously expected by economists

relevant industry insiders believe that as the world's third largest economy, the world's manufacturing base and an emerging investment country, China's first economic recovery can not only directly inject economic power into countries to resist the crisis, but also increase confidence for the world economy to get rid of the "haze" of the financial crisis

"of course, the premise is that the world's investment and trade will be facilitated, and economic partners will not cause artificial troubles to each other." Professor liwenpu said

recently, due to the economic downturn in western countries, various protectionist voices have been heard. In the field of trade and investment, unreasonable restrictions on developing countries such as China still occur frequently. For example, the recent China US tire warranty case has put the relevant industries of the two countries in an extremely passive situation

in view of the world economy under the current situation, Ma Kai, State Councilor and Secretary General of the State Council, made three suggestions when attending the 2009 International Investment Forum in Xiamen on the morning of August 8 and delivering a keynote speech:

first, work together to promote the recovery of the world economy. Further strengthen the dialogue and coordination of macroeconomic policies, promote the reform of the international financial system, and build a fair, just, inclusive and orderly new international financial order

second, we must resolutely oppose any form of trade and investment protectionism. We should jointly curb trade and investment protectionism and ensure the openness of the international market with a more rational thinking and a more holistic perspective. China firmly supports the promotion of an early and balanced outcome of the Doha round of World Trade Organization negotiations and the establishment of a fair and open multilateral trading system

third, actively promote trade and investment facilitation. All countries should strive to remove barriers to trade and investment, create a more fair and open environment for mutually beneficial cooperation among enterprises, and jointly promote the development of Global trade and investment

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