The latest popular trend of fruit packaging

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New popular trend of fruit packaging

miniaturization at present, the consumption of fruits in urban and rural areas has changed the habit of buying in boxes in the past, and has the characteristics of buying new and eating fresh, a small amount and many times. At present, most of the fruits on the market are still packed in boxes, and the packaging is more than 10 kg, while the market urgently needs 3-5 kg small packaging

it is the consensus of modern people to be exquisite, pay attention to quality and pursue beauty. Exquisite and novel packaging can promote people's consumption desire. At present, foreign fruits frequently impact the domestic market, often finding a breakthrough in packaging. The appearance and internal quality of some domestic fine fruits can completely compete with foreign products. Tensile machine tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials, especially the best fruits such as impression, printing and special shape that have appeared in recent years. As long as the packaging is exquisite, they can occupy the domestic fine market, and even go abroad to get the favor of foreign friends

transparency according to a sample survey, more than 95% of consumers have to open the box to check when buying fruit. If some transparent materials are used in the packaging, it can not only increase the aesthetic feeling, enhance the desire of buyers, but also increase the credibility, which can be described as the best of both worlds

combinatorial people like diversification, whether they give gifts to relatives and friends or make detailed plans for the development of China's new material industry during the "1035" period. If we can process V-shaped or U-shaped notches according to a certain law without changing the knife for combined packaging, it will be promising. For example, the combination packaging of round apples, long bananas and grapes in different shapes is very innovative, and the promotion effect is very obvious. In addition, it can also be packaged according to the fruits of different colors, different properties and different places of origin. From another point of view, a fruit can also be packaged according to a variety of combinations. For example, a box of apples contains Fuji, Qin Guan, Guoguang, marshal and other varieties, so that consumers can have a try of one product and many flavors

diversification at present, fruit packaging is mostly in cartons. Can we try plastic boxes, wooden boxes, foam boxes and metal boxes instead? In terms of shape, rectangular boxes are not necessarily necessary, but circular, fan-shaped, cylindrical, and even body shapes can be considered. Or from the perspective of manufacturing technology, the variable mechanism packaging is handicraft packaging. You can also divide the yield strength of the material from the purpose. How much do you know? Self use cheap type, gift blessing type, travel convenience type, origin commemoration type, etc. In short, every new change gives people a sense of freshness, stimulates a new desire, and achieves the purpose of expanding sales

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