The latest plastic storage unit is of high quality

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The new plastic storage unit is of high quality and low price

researchers from Princeton University and Hewlett Packard have led to poor formability in 3D printing molding. They recently jointly developed a disposable plastic storage unit. This disposable plastic memory is made of ordinary plastic and a small amount of silicon. The production cost is very low, and it can store gigabits of data information. Scientific and technological development of HP lab: Craig perlov revealed that this plastic polymer, called PEDOT, has a very low conductive voltage, but as a semiconductor, its voltage is very high. Researchers revealed that manufacturers will also be able to create tiny storage devices with PEDOT

Warren Jackson, a scientist at Hewlett Packard laboratories, revealed that over time, they are expected to find a way to create rewritable memory with this "made parts that can easily withstand the mechanical loads in road traffic". He believes that this material can also be used in other applications besides memory chips. Retailers hope to replace the bar code catalogue system with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, but the cost is very expensive, and the storage capacity of PEDOT materials is much larger than RFID chips, and the price is also low

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