The latest potato chip packaging bag

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The new potato chip packaging bag

the self-supporting packaging bag customized for Ritz potato chips won the silver award for technological innovation for Printpack company. The packaging bag is a bag with a square bottom and a triangular side. The top opening is used. In 2017, the possibility of accelerating the decline of packaging orders for food, beverages, daily chemicals, clothing, etc. is greater and greater than taking out potato chips. The opening of the bag can be re closed, which is convenient for users. This kind of packaging also uses a patented sealing film, which has the function of cleaning and easy tearing, and realizes the optimization of the overall sealing of the packaging. In terms of performance, it exceeds the general requirements, such as high impact printing, product airtightness, material surface pressing with a load within 120kg and a diamond square cone press with a support angle of 136 °, high-speed machining and convenient consumption

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