The monthly production of the most volcanic road m

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The monthly production of Shantui road machinery exceeded 500

leads. This kind of phenomenon shows that the specimen continues to stretch while the tensile force it bears does not continue to increase or slightly decrease. In the morning of March 31, the offline ceremony of the 500th monthly production of Shantui road machinery was grandly held in the assembly workshop, and more than 50 heads of all departments of the road machinery business department and employees of the assembly workshop witnessed this historical moment. How to test the compressive strength of iron ore pellets for success? Complete the production plan of 500 units in March, reasonably reserve the inventory of the whole machine, and ensure

on the morning of March 31, the enterprise order for the 500th downline extruder of Shantui road machinery, a high-performance functional material such as high-performance catalytic materials, will be significantly picked up in the assembly workshop. More than 50 department heads and assembly workshop employees of the road machinery division witnessed this historical moment

in order to successfully complete the production plan of 500 units in March, reasonably reserve the inventory of complete machines, and ensure the strong demand during the peak period of the market, the road machinery division has established the system of daily production scheduling meeting and weekly market planning meeting; Strengthen internal communication and timely grasp the production progress, procurement, material reserves and external market demand information; Continuously improve product quality and smooth logistics distribution. At the same time, the Division has established an efficient innovation system, accelerated the progress of new product development, and improved the product line of road machinery. Vigorously promote lean production management, optimize the process and workflow, and operate the double shift system in the assembly line, so as to greatly improve and stabilize the production capacity. At present, the daily production capacity of the division is increased from 15 to 20

monthly production of 500 road machinery, while fully verifying the increase in production capacity, Shantui road machinery industry is also standing at a new high starting point for leapfrog development

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