The model among the hottest five seat SUVs is not

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The model among the five seat SUVs, the mechanical quality is not inferior to that of German cars, only 100000 against H6

the model among the five seat SUVs, the mechanical quality is not inferior to that of German cars, only 100000 against H6

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original title: the model among the five seat SUVs, the mechanical quality is not inferior to that of German cars, only 100000 against H6

with the increasing demand of consumers for SUV models, the reform methods of independent brand models emerge in endlessly, No matter from the shape design or to the technical chassis structure, it has made divergent development. At a time when the automobile market sales were generally depressed, GAC motor was able to go upstream by virtue of the square device with a mass of (200 ± 20) g and a side length of (25.5 ± 0.1) mm at the bottom of the popular model - GAC motor GS4. At that time, the ranking of the sales list was only second to Haval H6

however, before the launch of the new model trumpchi GS4, the car sales market was once in a downturn. Many people are not optimistic about the sales volume of GAC motor. However, after the launch of the new trumpchi GS4, its sales volume increased instead of decreased, and the monthly sales volume continued to stabilize at the high level of 10000 vehicles, which can be called a legend of a generation. Trumpchi has become a legend. At one time, it was optimistic that it did not occupy a large amount of money, but its sales volume went all the way up. What element attracts domestic consumers? Today, brother Dou will show you this popular SUV of GAC:

from the appearance, GAC motor GS4 is quite international in design style - driving fashion with motion and interpreting trend with atmosphere: the front big mouth design is compact and powerful; "Fangs" fog lamp shows domineering; Chrome plated details and plated mirror wheel hub shape is brilliant. In addition, the interior of its headlights is equipped with matrix LED headlights, and a silver lower guard plate is added, all of which show the sports and fashion flavor of the new trumpchi GS4. The car body adopts the popular roof design, which makes the overall shape more flexible. Looking at the rear of the car, the reflectors on both sides of the rear bumper adopt L-shaped design. At the same time, the tail lamp group is also equipped with LED light sources. The overall design captures the mainstream aesthetics of Chinese people, which is worthy of affirmation

in the interior part, the most obvious change is the new size giant LCD screen on the center console. The multimedia system equipped with 8-inch high-definition touch screen has rich functions. Such as Beidou/gps dual-mode navigation system, car Bluetooth, USB entertainment expansion and AUX AUDIO. The steering wheel is also integrated with a little young avant-garde elements - three spoke design. Moreover, the new trumpchi GS4 is equipped with electronic parking, which makes the whole central control interface more concise. Equipped with 6-speed manual automatic transmission, it works well with the engine, which is better than DCT double clutch transmission. The flat and smooth acceleration makes people eager to try

suv originally stood out because of its space capacity, but when trumpchi GS4 opened the trunk, it was two huge drums. Although its usable space is greatly reduced by two drums, its volume is as high as 450L. This is considerable. More importantly, the rear seats can also be put down, thus presenting a fairly flat situation. The volume is 1410l, and the impact of bulging on space practicality is greatly reduced

speaking of power, the new trumpchi GS4 is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, of which the maximum engine power is 152kw and the peak torque is 235nm. Such power is the best in the same level, especially for the direct competitor Haval H6, which will show better power output performance in the face of lighter vehicle weight. Coupled with the mechanical quality that can match the chassis adjustment of German cars, the whole vehicle is more like driving a joint venture car, which is very intuitive

to sum up, as a compact SUV, trumpchi GS4 meets the needs of most friends in terms of body size. Coupled with its originality and dynamic fashion, trumpchi GS4 has won the attention of consumers and received high recognition. Its driving quality and sense of control enhance its competitiveness. In Dou GE's view, the secret of the new trumpchi GS4 becoming a legend lies in its low fuel consumption, which is very suitable for the choice of the public. If the configuration is improved, the recognition seems to be greatly improved

GAC motor

GAC motor (hereinafter referred to as GAC motor) is a domestic brand created by GAC group to enhance its core competitiveness and achieve sustainable development. In December, 2010, the first GA5 car of trumpchi was successfully launched into the market, and then a number of models were launched successively. In 2017, GAC motor sold 508600 vehicles, an increase of 37% year-on-year. GAC motor has the strength to compete with joint venture brands and imported brands of the same level in terms of technology, configuration and quality. As the pioneer of its own brand, GAC motor continues to impact the medium and high-end market. At present, GAC motor has It also makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic


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