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The mold temperature setting of injection molding machine directly affects the forming quality

in injection molding, the mold temperature is easy to affect the forming cycle and forming quality. In practice, it is set from the lowest appropriate mold temperature of the material used, and then adjusted appropriately according to the quality status

mold temperature refers to the temperature of the mold cavity surface when forming is carried out. In mold design and the condition setting of forming engineering, it is important not only to maintain an appropriate temperature, but also to complete the high-speed and low-precision transformation and make it evenly distributed. Uneven mold temperature distribution will lead to uneven shrinkage and internal stress that must enhance road confidence, theoretical confidence and institutional confidence, so that the forming mouth is prone to deformation and warpage

the following effects can be obtained by increasing the die temperature:

① add the crystallinity of the formed product and a more uniform structure

② make the molding shrinkage more sufficient and the post shrinkage reduced

③ improve the strength and heat resistance of molded products, focusing on China

④ reduce residual internal stress, molecular alignment and deformation. Please re tension the tensioning wheel

⑤ reduce the flow resistance during filling and reduce the pressure loss

⑥ make the appearance of the formed products more shiny and good

⑦ increase the chance of burrs on molded products

⑧ increase the chances of near gate and reduce the depression of far gate

⑨ reduce the obvious degree of bonding line

⑩ increase the cooling time

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