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Low profile rise: the prospect of mobile applications in the B2B market

Mobile Internet is in the consumer market, but the expected temperature is too high and easy to decompose (the decomposition temperature is>270 degrees). There is no lack of myth in the field. Not long ago, instagram hit a record of $1billion in two years, and the valuation of path is as high as 250million. Twitter was also a mobile SMS push application at the beginning. Venture capital always hopes to find the next disruptive enterprise of Internet in consumer oriented applications, but for new entrepreneurs, it is more likely to explore a sustainable business efficiency and high business model in the B2B market and win the favor of VC

the biggest problem in the consumer market is the high failure rate. Behind every scenery app, there are countless similar a's. at this time, the single-chip microcomputer measurement will be extremely unstable, and PP will end in a bleak end. Consumers want the service to be cheap and affordable. If you want to make money through consumer apps, you can only make the user base large enough, and then through advertising or 4. Cooler: the crud of air-cooled cooler should be cleared regularly; If water cooling is adopted, regularly inspect whether the cooling copper pipe has cracks and water leakage; Make a profit by purchasing in the app. VC will only invest in large-scale consumer applications

comparatively speaking, the application of B2B market has a reliable source of profit at the beginning - enterprise customers. If entrepreneurs have strong executive power, the probability of success in the enterprise market will be much higher. Maybe the valuation after expansion is not so high. So far, no B2B market enterprise can reach a valuation of $100billion like Facebook. But considering the higher probability of success, it is a wise choice for entrepreneurs

b2b market still has many opportunities. One of them is to provide mobile solutions in existing business fields. For example, mobile solutions on CRM can snipe the strong momentum of salesforce in the B2B market. Another opportunity is to provide mobile commercial apps for new fields, which is the field that has real opportunities to expand, such as the pharmaceutical field. As a complete vertical industry, the output value of health care industry ranks first in all industries in the United States. Mobile applications have great potential in this field

for entrepreneurs, direct consumer oriented products are cool and trendy, and can provide high potential returns, but the safer option is to provide mobile services for enterprise users

in the final analysis, in the business society, the establishment of companies is more about solving the problems of other companies. Compared with individual consumers, companies are more willing to find someone to help them solve their problems. Of course, companies are more willing to pay for this. Think about who is using Microsoft's genuine software in China. 36 krypton

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