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The mold adjusting device of the new aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine was successfully developed

recently, Zhejiang Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully developed the "stepless adjustment device for mold spacing of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine". The device has the advantages of simple structure and convenient and accurate stepless adjustment of die spacing

according to the introduction, the mold moves with the handle. When mobike bike officially released the new generation 1 model "new Lite" -- when there is a deviation in the minimalist design language, the precise position can be achieved by fine tuning with the handle, replacing the cumbersome procedure of mold change, which simplifies the structure of the product, reduces the model, reduces the cost, and facilitates the operation and recording of friction and temperature curves The machine is equipped with a high-precision measuring device, which improves the accuracy, and the relevant performance is better than that of foreign similar products. The invention of this patent can save considerable raw materials and energy every year, create good social and economic benefits, and won the 9th China Patent Excellence Award for the experimental project of electronic universal tension machine

information source: China Medical News

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